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I agree Grime said 200 case searches.

Amaral said the dogs had solved 200 crimes... That isn't even remotely the same and I'm sure you would agree
An open window and shutter aren't evidence that an abduction has occurred.

We have looked at this previously.  Only Kate McCanns prints were found on the children's bedroom window and that is suggestive that it was she who opened it most probably as a means to look for the child.  Partial memory loss following a sudden trauma is easily explained.
Post 2.

    No Madeleine fingerprints on (a)the window, frame, glass or shutters ... (b) the front door and presumably the outside knob and inner mechanism were checked. ....(c) The patio door                                                                How could she have walked out via the front door, the patio door or the via the window without leaving fingerprints?

Also no fingerprints found on the outside gate, the child gate.


Additionally to no Madeleine fingerprints, no skin, blood or fibres were found at any of these places.


Madeleine had to have been carried out, abducted, because of the lack of the above evidence.  With no signs of Madeleine, finger prints etc., on any of the exits she could not have walked out on her own volition

On that basis one could argue that only Kate McCann was ever in that apartment as only her fingerprints were found but we know that is not the case.  The truth is that the missing child could well have made her own way outside where she got into trouble of some sort.
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    A man was witnessed by Jane Tanner walking away in a hurry, carrying a little girl.  We call him Tannerman. 

Where did he come from, if not block A ?  There are no creches in the direction he came from, are there ?                                                       

If an innocent man, why hasnít he come forward?

If a loving Father, why hadnít he wrapped his daughter up more warmly on a chilly night?

If he was Crecheman carrying his daughter, why was he walking in the wrong direction ?


So Jane Tanner saw a man hurrying away carrying a little girl.  Said man, now called Tannerman was in a hurry and carrying a little girl who was of the correct size  and wearing very similarly described  clothes to Madeleine.


Sounds like an abductor to me, especially as he hasnít come forward


So Redwoods revelation moment didn't happen?

DCI Redwood described his decision to come forward as 'revelation moment'
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