Author Topic: How the psychopath can fool you...James Hanratty.  (Read 19245 times)

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Re: How the psychopath can fool you...James Hanratty.
« Reply #60 on: April 07, 2018, 11:30:01 PM »
Very good points Admin,
Thank you for highlighting that the point has not been made before. It seems to be the main thread on Bamber's website labelled appropriately 'Psychopathy' They were used in order to explain away the notion that Bamber is, in any way, a psychopath.
Indeed you make a good point that his state of mind may have been different in 1985 - or at least insofar as deadly intent goes. In my view Bamber is without doubt, a classic, narcissistic psychopath. A police officer who interviewed Bamber  just after the murders described him as having 'something missing'  He states 'After speaking with this young man I was immediately struck by his complete lack of care. He just didnt care for anything. It just wasn't right'
I also was struck when reading about Bamber's first arrest at just how unconcerned he was. Roger Wilkes in his excellent appraisal of the case writes "Bamber was lead to the cells he was given food, and went to sleep in just a few moments'...........backtrack right there....'went to sleep in a few moments!!' He was so unconcerned he feel into a deep sleep in the police cells. To his supporters this could mean that he was unconcerned because he was innocent. I beg to differ, even innocent people will worry. This man was being questioned in connection with the murders of FIVE people, two of them children. Normal people dont just fall asleep. Normal people dont display the ostentatious, over-the-top displays of grief that Bamber did at the funerals, normal innocent people are not evasive, and need time to think of an answer during police questioning. This all leads to the same personality trait- psychopathy.
Bamber certainly displayed most, if not all of the main characteristics associated with this deadly personality type. Glibness, superficial charm, compulsive lying, manipulative, grandiose sense of entitlement, inflated sense of self-worth and complete lack of guilt, remorse, empathy or sympathy for others, and tellingly a complete inability to take responsibility for their own actions. In short this is picture-perfect description of very own Bamber's personality traits.

Another great post! You described his grandiose sense of entitlement here
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Re: How the psychopath can fool you...James Hanratty.
« Reply #61 on: April 08, 2018, 09:34:47 AM »
Hanratty's body was exhumed. His DNA matched the crime scene. Even then supporters amazingly claimed contamination. The judge generously called this claim 'fanciful'.

It takes a lot of courage to change stance on a convicted criminal after years of support. Bob Woffinden didn't really change stance. He was never part of any campaign. Bamber approached him & Woffinden wrote one article. He then changed his mind and wrote another article.

Several posters have changed stance to guilty & posted they have. 

Only David has changed stance to innocent, for non evidence reasons. He did not have the courage to post on the forum he had changed stance.