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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case or Have I Changed My Mind?
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My scenario on how Dr Vincent Tabak is Guilty.... seeing as nothing adds up... this seems plausible to me ....

Everyone is convinced that Dr Vincent Tabak is guilty.... Some say guilty of Murder and some say Guilty of
Manslaughter.... I have always been of the opinion that he is Innocent.... But I have to bare in mind, that this case is not a normal case and many rules may apply to this that the ordinary person would least expect..... I myself believe now that I have been fooled.... But I didn't really realise I had ... It has taken along time to come to this idea....

I am  that ordinary person and I find myself going round in circles and getting frustrated.... But there is a different way to apply the rules and how to come to the conclusion everyone else has that Dr Vincent Tabak is guilty... is if Dr Vincent Tabak is his alternative name,... (or he uses an alternative name and his real name is Dr Vincent Tabak....

The dates are always slightly off.... the basics are there... people have been made scapegoats....  Random images have appeared in the media that are photoshopped.... The Flat has been staged... The Interviews and appeals contradict each other....

This case has only ever been about a simple murder that was made complexed... But for that to be the case, you have got to have got to come under the 21 critera set out by The Complex case unit....

I keep chasing the elusive Dr Vincent Tabak.... The Man that I see as A Placid Foreign National.... who for all intense and purposes has NO other life... There has been speculation that he viewed porn ... and i have argued his case for along time now.... But sometimes I am slow on the uptake.... I have my own strange way in which i go about things...  I have been delving more and  more into ideas that may or may not be believable.....

We first have to ask the question 'Who is Dr Vincent Tabak"?? And the saying goes along the lines as a rose would smell as sweet by any other name.....

And I believe thats the point.... Dr Vincent Tabak is not the man I have come to believe , I have got to the point that he doesn't exist..... But I have missed what could be the most obvious answer, and that the name.. Dr Vincent Tabak is his original name and he now goes by another name or is know by another name.....

He may have been born that name... Or that is the name they gave him for the media debarcle.....  The real killer has got off scott free.....  I say Real killer....  I believe it was a Moot trial... I believe they fooled the public....

If someone has legally had there named changed then they cannot charge them using their former name.... But for an unsuspecting public, this sham of a trial plays out to all across the Nation ......

I believe the name Vincent Tabak was used so the story could be told to the world.... A change of name at some point in his life from say... Vincent Bernard... to Vincent Tabak... Meaning Vincent who smokes..... But that man goes by a completely different name now and that man killed Joanna Yeates... He has influencial friends (imo) and has managed to still be walking free amongst society... With everyone blindly believing that Justice was served on the 28th October 2011....

The media know who this man is (imo)... So does the law....  This man may have family in Holland... He may have lived in many parts of the world...

Maybe Vincent Tabak had middle names... Vincent Bernard Mark Tabak..... And the fact that he realised working in England, everyone would take the mickey because he smoked and Tabak being Dutch for tobacco, he couldn't cope with the ridicule and took on... say his mother or a relatives Surname.....  And becomes for all intense and purposes Vincent Bernard.....

But that is still confusing.... A stage name would work... you have 2 forms of ID.... One in your original name and one in your stage name for instance.... Anyway I think you are following my drift..... So the killer who I have always thought was a seperate individual to Dr Vincent Tabak is one in the same person..... But for what ever reason... this pantomine has been played out..... No one is in jail..... And leonoras idea that Dr Vincent Tabak made a deal is true... Just not the sort of deal we all thought.....

Maybe he did admit to Manslaughter at the Old Bailey.... And was dealt with there and then under the proviso he attended A Crown Court Trial to explain what had taken place.... Giving a baying public what they wanted... A Man who's act against Joanna Yeates would be seen to be punished.... he convinced someone it was Manslaughter, but the police and the prosecution believed it to be Murder.... Maybe they said they would reveal the truth if it the trial didn't happen.... Is this why the Case Number U2011037 exist for him as well as the trial number T20117031... maybe that number means something else to Lawyers etc... It would explain a lot......

Which makes what lies on his laptops true.... What has been said is accurate.... The searches of Longwood Lane were the know searches of the man with 2 identities... He did look to see where to dispose of Joanna Yeates and they were done at those times on the 18th December 2010.... And this is where the cat and mouse game begins.....

The Police know who Dr Vincent Tabak is... they know the name he goes by they know he has friends in high places and they use the media to play him at his own game.... The Fire Engines that were not needed.... Not needed for 4 days.... The huge Police presence of Officers in high Ranking Positions making themselves known that they are not happy.... The pawing over what we know as Flat 1.... after the original Forensics had been completed.... The images all over the internet to let him know, they have not forgotten....

But then we have CJ... A man that makes a statement saying he saw 2-3 people at the gate a man that knows the truth... and the stakes are raised.... Everything needs to be shut down.... CJ gets arrested.... But he too combats the ridiculous suggestion he had anything to do with Joanna Yeates Murder.... And has Lawyers I would say he cannot afford come to his aid to put a stop to this rubbish.... 

Dr Vincent Tabak tries to incriminate CJ... They have DVT's DNA he cannot escape that.... And so the stage is set to prosecute Dr Vincent Tabak on what we believe is NO evidence.... But they know everything.... They know what happened...He has told them so.... So when Ann Redrrop states that they have been approached by the Police and want to prosecute... she sends them on their merry way to gather the evidence....

But this case has become complexed.... And pressure has been placed upon everyone... And we end up with what we believe is the trial of the century.... It is and it isn't because NO-one spends time in prison.... The public may think that there is a Dr Vincent Tabak sat there... but i don't believe it..... Well not in the sense that he is this man we have been fooled into believing...
If the truth was known how the hell are you gonna explain that one away??????

The case is still live.... I believe... that is why NO lawyers will speak of this case and The Media will not talk of it also... maybe theres a clause in the deal that was made... that if they commit any crime whatsoever..They will spend time in jail.... And this will be revealed or maybe it has gone too far and they wouldn't want anyone to know how the law was manipulated and how we the public have been seen as the uneducated idiots they believe us to be who will swallow any garbage that is thrown our way....

So yes.... the Police Interviewed him and he says no comment apart from the little piece about the mobile phone....(apparently) But even though the killer is sat in front of them their hands are tied.... But they tell the public what they know in documentaries etc... at the Leveson.... without actually revealing... That Dr Vincent Tabak and Joe Blogs are indeed one in the same person..... And Dr Vincent Tabak actually walked away from court a free man....

But he will never be allowed to forget.... Every Christmas will be a constant reminder of what he did... i did wonder if Christmas was an Anniversary of some sort other than the obvious... it being Christmas... So everytime he wants to celebrate an anniversary or Christmas... Joanna Yeates's Murder will never leave him.... 20 years may be long enough for some for such a memory to fade maybe that is why 20 years was given as a sentence....Or possibly he may be dead by then..... But then the wake up call came again and the man with 2 identities one being Dr Vincent Tabak, was again dragged to court apparently to face the charges of Child Pornography.... This being the reason they waited to take him back to court many years later....... And he is put on the sex offenders register....

But we think that makes no difference because it didn't add any time to his sentence and 10 years on the register would be spent when he is released.... But he is walking free amongst us.... And that is why him being on the sex offenders register matters... because it will show up every time he works in what ever capacity he does and other people will become aware of who Dr Vincent Tabak really is and will keep a safe distance from him....

And therefore there is a very very small piece of justice done for vulnerable children..... But Joanna Yeates knows her killer is walking free amongst us... And I am sure she believes that Justice wasn't done... I am sure she believes that Justice failed her... and as I said yesterday... I hope she haunts them every day of their lives.... I hope they feel the eyes of everyone who knows burning into their souls.....

So if my scenario is correct... I will now change my mind and say that Dr Vincent Tabak is guilty of Manslaughter possibly Murder.... But as I have said all along.... I do not know the law and how it can be applied.... But there are some very creative ways in which it can be used...(imo) As we are all only to well aware.....

It was Mr Justice Field who remarked That The Truth May Never be known.... Well I say to him... Am I bang on the money!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Two picture of Apparently Joanna Yeates at graduation..... But the top image looks photoshopped... The collar around her neck is too big..... It's like a head has been planted onto a body.....

So many images of Joanna Yeates look different it has been commented on before that the images do not look like the same woman

Take the image of a Joanna Yeates on a motor bike.... Not the same person we see in other images.....  I do not know what is true any more... only that a young woman was Murdered.....

The Missing poster with so much detail not there....

Images of Bernard a Black and white cat.... There for a reason....  Something is being covered up... That is obvious.... The Yeates who say things that haven't been known... I'll come back too that......

We have a white middle class family... Who nothing is known about .... we are told what has happened in the strangest of ways.... The information and images out there as quick as you like.....  David Yeates being the man showing us a picture of Joanna Yeates before the Police have issued any Official information.....

I am told what Joanna Yeates looks like.... I am told what apprantly had taken place..... I am told of a Dutchman who killed his next door neighbour for NO reason and I am supposed to believe this......  I am told that a Crime scene is frozen in time, with a christmas tree Missing from the scene... No evidence of Greg Reardon ever having been there.....

I am told she is found at a spot on Longwood lane... I am told implausible stories.... But what aren't we being told???

I don't know enough about The Family Yeates.... They are like ghosts in the night.... People who have not yet managed to put a headstone on their beloved daughters grave...  Newspaper articles that get changed all the time, where we end up with links to "Coldplay, yet it features an images of Mr and Mrs Yeates looking sorrowful...

Anyone in this case could be anyone... Its like a Pandoras box..... Names cunjour up images, Dr Vincent Tabak for instance could be Black.... How are we to know any different... Just because we have been told that it is him doesn't mean it is.....

Families are made up of all different elements... Mine certainly is....  We have children who are born outside marriage... we have children whom are fathered by married men to other woman.... We have adopted children.. foster children..... A family can be made up of many strands.... A Braid...

my thought become more outlandish as time passes.... And when I first read posts years ago from leonora.. I thought , he's entitled to his opinion, but I may not agree.... The passage of time has changed that for me... leonora's ideas may not be as wild as people imagine.....

I thought about the press coverage of Joanna Yeates.... many people go Missing... many in mysterious circumstances... The Irish girl i wrote about Missing the same time as Joanna Yeates... No body was found but, she was pronounced dead.... How does that work.... ??

But the coverage always takes on an urgency if it is a middle class white woman.....  Many Black and Asian woman go Missing... They do not appear across the news in the same manner.... They do not solicit the coverage that they should....

Would the pouring out of sympathy for The Murder have been the same if Joanna Yeates was in fact a black lady.... A lady of Mixed race?? Would people have reacted in the same manner....??

I don't understand this case.... not really.... smoke and mirrors are used all the time..... Truths and untruths are  mixed together.... They give us an idea of what took place... but not what really happened I imagine....

Were the images we saw of a white lady really Joanna Yeates?? I couldn't say anymore... For all I know Princess Butterfly is really Joanna Yeates... anything is possible....

Whatever the truth is it has been hidden..... And it's not for me to work it out.... I am just an ordinary person going about my own business, who Isn't in any position to find out the whole truth.....

But one thing keeps nagging at me...... Why is it that The Yeates are the ones who make all the appeals??? Joanna Yeates is in a relationship... Shouldn't it be her partner who makes the appeals and NOT her parents....??

No interviews are done with Greg Reardon... He should have been suspect Number 1... partners and husbands normally are.... But we really only ever see the Yeates family telling us what happened... Which is strange in itself....  We do not know their whereabout... They too should have been questioned....

Someone reported Joanna Yeates as a Missing person on the 19th December 2010 and it was NOT Greg Reardon....
So who was it?

Where the family under suspicion?? It makes me think about all the appeals that are always made in cases where they parade the suspect in front of the media in the vain hope they slip up....

Sharon Mathews for instance.... She played to the media about the apparent abduction of her daughter... The media spotlight was upon her... But her story was untrue... And the evidence pointed to what had really taken place... with her confession given as to what her involvement was.....

I give up..... No-one is saying anything.... But the trial was a travesty for British justice... Deals were struck... Everyone played their part.... And some are sitting pretty.....

I can't keep up this posting about a case that is hidden... a case where evidence from The Leveson Inquiry is locked away for 84 years.... I cant undo any of that.. i can't access any of that.....

I will say one last thing that struck me as odd......

The Countdown to Murder documentary re-enactment... 

Why does David Yeates tell us that Joanna Yeates had been doing her clothes washing??? How would he know that info... There is no washing machine visible in Flat 1 44 Canygne Road

David Yeates.. Countdown to Murder start at the 6 minute mark....
My daughter who's memory of her was scatty..

Why is his memory scatty?

she'd taken the opportunity over the weekend to orangise the washing... You know...Clothes Washing and erm... Washing up the stuff in the kitchen, things were nice and tidy.

Well apparently Greg and Joanna Yeates were extremely messy... Greg had been tidying up as he went along.... The dishes were still in the sink... There has never been any mention of Clothes washing... There isn't even a washing machine visible in the kitchen we have seen... How would Mr Yeates know that Joanna Yeates had been organising the clothes washing...  Greg never mentions clothes washing.....

Who did CJ see at the gate???  that has never been established....

This case is a Miscarriage of Justice, but maybe not in the way we envisage... A man languishing in jail for a crime he did not commit.... But a Crime that has been covered up as far as i can work out... A Crime that has had the public fooled...

It's time people spoke out.... I can cross reference every ounce of information and come to many conclusions... some which may have a grain of truth.... The whole truth may never be known...

But unless those who have not spoken about this case come forward... we will never know the truth....

And as I have said before... This case will forever remain a "Cold Case"...

Edit..  I just had a thought... The fridge that is in the front room..... Is it a fridge or a top loading washing machine??

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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she'd taken the opportunity over the weekend to organise the washing... You know...Clothes Washing and erm... Washing up the stuff in the kitchen, things were nice and tidy.

This is from Countdown to Murder..... Mr Yeates says this as he is being Interviewed sat down with Mrs Yeates..

That statement is crazy.... I am trying to envisage what he means....

The insistence that Joanna Yeates was Missing from the 17th December 2010 the talk of abduction....  The staging of the flat...

What does Mr Yeates know that he hasn't told us??  when did Joanna Yeates actually die??

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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From The Mirror... 20th January 2011.. updated 26th January 2011
It is like the story is played out before we even know any details when the trial takes place.....
DETECTIVES hunting the killer of Jo Yeates are investigating whether she was strangled at a mystery third crime scene, it emerged yesterday.

They are trying to establish if she was murdered somewhere other than her flat or the spot where her body was found.

Police have found no signs of a struggle at the home Jo, 25, shared with boyfriend Greg, 27, in Clifton, Bristol.

They still think it likely she was killed there but are keeping an open mind on the possibility she died in the culprit’s home or car.

Well.... That covered all eventualities ... "Car or Home"??   Apparently Dr Vincent Tabak took Joanna Yeates around to his Flat and then put the body in his car as we have heard said since the trial.......

You couldn't make it up could you! 
3rd Crime Scene???

Call that coincidence.. They didn't know Joanna Yeates had been moved to next door at this time....

I'm starting to wonder if this is even a real crime..... Or is it work of fiction?? Or was it life imitating art??

Daily Mirror

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Jo Yeates murder: Police investigating whether she was killed at mystery third crime scene #news

6:34 PM - 19 Jan 2011

I got the link from the tweet But the tweet is dated the 19th January 2011, before Dr vincent Tabak was even arrested...   strange that....

Edit...  Does one read that as ... There was a third scene of Crime .... Or Joanna Yeates was at a Crime Scene and was Murdered there???

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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The case that doesn't make sense... I keep saying that... I keep trying to understand what it is about this case why no-one speaks...

The only thing I can think of is another identity.... But who has another identity is the difficult one.....

I was thinking about John Venables....  I'm not saying he's connected... But it gave me the idea that the reason no-ones speaks about the case , is because of someones new identity...

Was someone connected to this case already under witness protection?/ Or had committed a crime and was given a new identity..

Is that why Dr Vincent Tabak is guilty.... Did he have a different name before??  Who out of the main players has had a previous identity??

Anyone of them could be related in any shape or form...  You might not know Dr Vincent Tabak, but if he went under a different name prior, then you may know him as that.... So we have females and  males in this case who could have had a previous identity.....

Who has had there identity changed? Is it more than one person?? With various people appearing in the papers I have made a list..

* Dr Vincent tabak

* Tanja Morson

* Greg Reardon

* David Yeates

* Teresa Yeates

* Chris Yeates

* Rebecca Scott

* CJ

I don't know whether to include Peter Stanley and Lawerence Penney in that list, because of the Police searching Peter Stanleys house.

Someone of Interest had to live at CJ's house for them to not shift their investigation from that property...

So is the reason No-one speak of this case because one of the above had had their identity changed and was already know to the police??

That makes some sense to me ....

So if CJ saw someone at thee gate who was either under witness protection or had another identity that he was aware of then I can understand why his second witness statement would not be made public... Or hidden for years and years...

Trouble is even if I am correct.. I don't have a Scooby.... And as no-one will speak or cannot speak, then i'm a little stuck....

Is Joanna Yeates really Joanna Yeates ???  I don't know..... Something is might off in this case...!!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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This Post I did about the Blackeberry.... Has me thinking about something else.....

There is nothing to prove that the text message which says:

"Missing you loads, I'm bored here without you V xxx" was sent by Dr Vincent Tabak....

Because we see the letter "V" we assume that it must mean that it is sent from Dr Vincent tabak as we have no-one else whom we know of with the initial "V"....

But what I believe is we fail to notice is that it's a Blackberry phone with on onboard keyboard... which is significant for those of us that have used onboard keyboard phones, were it is quite easy to make errors....

I'll just go back to the message where apparently Dr Vincent Tabak sent the word "Crisis " instead of Crisps...  he apparently was supposed to have subconciously made this error....

But... I have always wondered if the text messages were fake..... Or if the real killer sent these texts.... Or they all came from the same phone.... It may appear that this text is different from the others and with the initial "V" being seen we put 2 and 2 together and keep coming up with the wrong answer (imo)

I believe if someone was trying to create an alibi, then the sending of the messages would establish what they were doing and where they may have been at the time..... So if someone is creating this text after the event, I can understand why they would end up with... V xxx

I keep making the same error when i am posting, it has just dawned on me what may have happened....  When I am copying and pasting text... web address etc.... I do not always hit "Command and V" at the same time, and instead I get "V" only appearing, where it should have been something i wished to paste.... But i have carried on regardless and it isn't until I have re-read what i have written that I have noticed my error.....

Use a Ctrl shortcut
On a touch screen keyboard, by default, the ?123 key is the Ctrl key. If your device has a physical keyboard, you can set a Shift key as the Ctrl key.
If necessary, select the text that you want to cut, copy, or apply formatting to.
Press the Ctrl key and a shortcut key at the same time:
Z (undo)
Y (redo)
X (cut)
C (copy)
V (paste)
B (bold)
U (underline)
I (italic)
Tip: You can also press and hold the Ctrl key until Ctrl mode turns on. When Ctrl mode is on, you can use Ctrl shortcuts without holding down the Ctrl key.

So baring in mind the ability of a phone with an onboard keyboard, it is possible to to send a message believing that you had copied and pasted something else on the message..... If someone was trying to cover their tracks then that again makes sense....

Whoever made that text could quiet as easily been trying to paste a URL onto the text and it didn't happen.. Instead the letter V was entered by accident.....

If the text was trying to show the recipient how bored they were they might have gone to this website for instance... illustrating the depth of their boredom...

So the text in fact could have meant to say: ""Missing you loads, I'm bored here without you xxx"

But someone has been trying to get us to believe that the letter "V" can only stand for the word Vincent.... when in fact that is not true...(imo)

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Part 1.....

The Case that doesn't make sense.....

steven morris

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Joanna Yeates' mother, Teresa, is not in court this morning.

3:35 AM - 21 Oct 2011

How comes Mrs Yeates didn't attend court?

You would imagine that Mrs yeates would be in court everyday.. i remember that they didn't attend court when the verdict came.. But Greg and Mr Yeates attended the day that Mrs Yeates didn't attend... There was a day that Clegg didn't attend also . but I can't remember off hand.. And do not know if this is connected... Anyway...

Jo yeates murder. Mother, Teresa Yeates - 'I am sat in the kitchen just wanting her to come through the door. 'It is so quiet  without her.'

5:54 AM - 4 Jan 2011

Could be just me... but why would it be so quiet without her if she had already left home?

That made me think about the Countdown to Murder program, where it says:
(7) * At the same time Jo was leaving school Vincent Tabak was travelling from the country of his birth The

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Part 1.....

Could be just me... but why would it be so quiet without her if she had already left home?

 The full quote is: "She just had this joy and vibrancy, even though she didn't live here. I am sat in the kitchen just wanting her to come through the door. It is just so quiet here without her," It's just a Mum missing her daughther. No mystery.

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Headlines at and around the time I cannot remember then all, but what I do remember is that The Attorney General had stated that no stories should appear that would hamper a trial...

"The Countdown to Murder Program" again gives us an insight into what apparently happened at the time..

I have attached 3 images... The one that you can see the date of 31st January 2011 the headlines are telling us something different from what we are aware took place....

Jo Murder Suspect... then it shows us an image of what we have been told id Dr Vincent Tabak..
Next door neighbour Vincent Tabak seized as he returns from holiday... Detectives probe work links to Jo and quiz his look-a-like girlfriend

The other two front pages do not have a date...  And I cannot find any images of these headlines other than from the program..

Wouldn't the headlines be prejudicial?? Did these articles ever get published?? Can anyone verify that??

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Part 3...

Jo Yeates murder suspect Vincent Tabak appears in court
20 September 2011

Vincent Tabak, 33, spoke only to confirm his name at the 27-minute pre-trial hearing at Bristol Crown Court.

Miss Yeates's parents David and Teresa attended the hearing, arriving at the court accompanied by two police officers.

Dutch architect Tabak has admitted the manslaughter of 25-year-old Miss Yeates, but denies murdering her.

That was not the first time that The Yeates appeared at court in regards to this case.... we remember them walking down the road with the FLO Emma outside The Old Bailey when they attended that Hearing also....

From The Getty footage

Joanna Yeates murder: Vincent Tabak faces murder trial
Joanna Yeates murder: Vincent Tabak faces murder trial; ENGLAND: London: Old Bailey: EXT David and Teresa Yeates (parents of murdered landscape architect Joanna Yeates) along to court

also to the side of the video we get this info..

Restrictions:   No use by regional TV or radio in UK and Ireland until 3 days after date of creation. Prior approval required if clip features ITN newsreader or reporter, please contact your local Getty Images representative.
Credit:   ITN
Clip #:   656029440   SD
Collection:   ITN
Date created:   05 May, 2011
Licence type:   Rights-ready
Release info:   Not released. More information
Clip length:   00:00:13:07
Location:   United Kingdom
Mastered to:   QuickTime 8-bit Photo-JPEG SD 720x576 25i More information
Originally shot on:   576 25i
Source:   ITN
Object name:

I am like AH.... I do not believe in coincidences...  I keep asking why?? There has to be a why?

The conclusion may explain, I have said many times before that The Yeates should never have appeared at any hearing in relation to Dr Vincent Tabak... They witnessed as much as Greg Reardon did... Why were they not called as witness's at trial??

I also have to be mindful and wonder what reporting restrictions were made around that time...  And that could play a role in this case...

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Part 4...

From Cleggs opening speech....

Defence Counsel, Mr William Clegg, QC’s opening speech:
 ‘If Jo Yeates had stayed for just one more drink she would be alive today. If Vincent
Tabak had gone to Asda as he had planned that same time, he would not be in the dock
She turned on the oven to bake.
She phoned several male friends and told how she was bored.
She texted Samuel Ashcroft:
“Where are you this fine eve?”
His reply was “Home- sorry”.
She then texted Peter: “Where are you?”
Peter replied “On my way to a wedding. Where are you?”
She replied: “At home- on my todd”.
She texted a third male friend. She has said she was bored and she was looking for company.
It was the Christmas period and many people were at parties.
In the next flat was Vincent Tabak.
They never really knew each other, save for a nod.
Vincent Tabak was also alone- and bored.
He decided to go to Asda – not for anything special but to fill in time.
He left his flat; was walking towards his car and went past her kitchen window.
The kitchen blind was broken and so stayed up all the time, as Greg Reardon had
Vincent was walking towards his car when he passed Joanna’s kitchen window. She saw
him, there was a nod of acknowledgement and she beckoned him to come in. She had
opened the door and invited him in.
 He took off his coat.
 He hung it on her coat rack.
She offered him a drink and he declined as he was driving.
 She said her boyfriend was away and she was alone and he said that his girlfriend was
away and he was alone.
 Vincent Tabak misread her friendliness toward him and made a move towards her as if he
was about to kiss him on her lips.
He put one hand in the middle of her back as if he was about to kiss her, and she screamed
 He put his hand over her mouth and said sorry and when he moved his hand away she
screamed again.
 He put his hand to her mouth and throat and she went limp. She was dead.
He had never touched her before other than to shake hands as he went into her flat.
That moment was all it took and she was dead.
 Nothing was timed.
He thinks that maybe he was in the flat for 10 minutes before she screamed.
The incident when he put her hand on his throat was far less than a minute.
Defence expert Dr Carey will give evidence on Friday 21 December 2010 on this matter.
Prosecution pathologist expert witness, Dr Delaney, said on 18 October that it may well
have been 10 seconds.
Those arriving at the party at Number 53 said they heard screams.
 It is for the jury to decide whether a scream from inside Flat 1 could be heard from
outside 53 Canynge Road.
The jury will have to decide whether anybody could have heard.
But one thing is that three witnesses heard screams spread out over some ten minutes.
This cannot be.
The couple arriving outside number 53, a short time after they were filmed on CCTV at
number 83.
But the weather conditions were icy. How long did it take them to get there?
Warren Sweet said he did not arrive at Number 53’s party until 8.50pm on Friday 17
December 2010.
 When he arrived at No. 53, Warren Sweet said he heard a scream. That cannot be the
same scream that the couple heard.
 The reaction of all four people who heard screams was initially put down to students out
celebrating as term had finished that day.
You may think that the whole of those screams is totally unconnected.
You just couldn’t hear anybody from that distance.  This does mean that one really hasn’t got a real clue as to when Tabak went into
Joanna’s flat except that it was between the time he went to Asda and the time he texted
his girlfriend, say, between 9.00 pm and 11.00 pm.
 Were you to conclude that the couple heard Joanna’s screams and not the scream that Mr
Sweet heard; if the Laymans and Sweet‘s evidence were to be dismissed, it would tie in
with the scientific evidence.
One thing is certain. Joanna Yeates was killed between 21.00 and 21.30 pm on Friday 17
December 2010.
It was not something he planned.
 It was, in the words of Dr Delaney, expert prosecution pathologist witness, that death had
occurred in less than half a minute; less than 20 seconds, less than 10 seconds even.
 A very important piece of evidence is that what Tabak wrote in his statement is nearly the
same and corroborated the undisputed pathologist expert witnesses.But his conduct
afterwards was frankly disgusting.
He took her body and disposed of it.
He caused anguish to her family.
His defence will not be heard to excuse this behaviour.
He was obviously concerned with the incident, trying to track everything.
 It was only a matter of time before the police came to arrest him.
Again he told lie after lie and you will hear no excuse from me about that. It shows a very
calculating person trying to wriggle out of her death but it does not help in thinking of
what happened at the flat….
He went to his flat and left Joanna’s flat door on the latch.
He returned.
He turned off the oven that she had turned on.
 He took the Tesco pizza that was in the kitchen.
 He carried the body from her flat to his flat.
He then put her body in the bag that he used to cover his bike.
He then went to get his car, placed the body in the boot of his car, went to Asda, a trip he
formerly planned, and drove aimlessly around whilst deciding what to do.
He tried to put the body over the wall.
It was too heavy and so he left it by the roadside.
When he got back home, he put the pizza, the cycle cover and the sock into a corporate
And then, despite the awful secret that he was carrying, he tried to carry on as before:
going to parties, living with his girlfriend, etc, instead of going to the police.
There will be no excuse from me for that. He will be called to give evidence on Thursday
20 October

He hung it on her coat rack.

He turned off the oven that she had turned on.
 He took the Tesco pizza that was in the kitchen.

These are depicted in The Countdown to Murder... 

5th January 2011 from The Guardian:

But Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones, who is leading the inquiry, revealed that in fact she had not been wearing shoes or a coat and one sock was missing. The light-coloured coat she was wearing on the evening she disappeared was hanging on a hook at her flat and the boots she had on were also there.

The story that Greg tells differs and the coats were on the floor... But "The Countdown to Murder program", sticks with the narrative of what apparently happened and we see depicted in the program , the coat stand with the white coat Joanna Yeates wore on the 17th December 2010 hung upon it.... (images attached)

Every time we look at the old media reports we always see evidence we shouldn't....

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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Part 5...

The papers at the time......
23rd December 2010
Detectives say they are ‘baffled’ by the disappearance of 25-year-old blonde Miss Yeates, who was last seen in two supermarkets on Friday night after a Christmas drink with colleagues at a pub.
She then returned to the £200,000 rented flat in the affluent Bristol area of Clifton – where her coat, keys, purse and bank cards were found.
Mr Reardon, whose phone and computer have been taken by police, is also an architect in the same practice as his girlfriend.

The day before ..... Rebecca Scott... 22nd December 2010 where she talks of Purse, keys and phone being left behind... I cannot find my post on it at the mo... But I remember commenting on how on earth Rebecca Scott would know this information so early on in the Investigation when this type of Information should be kept to the Police...

( I'm going to move these post over to the other topic.....

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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The full quote is: "She just had this joy and vibrancy, even though she didn't live here. I am sat in the kitchen just wanting her to come through the door. It is just so quiet here without her," It's just a Mum missing her daughther. No mystery.

Yes Baz... I found the article you referred to where the quote came from... It also has this interestimg piece of information..

Detectives hunting the killer of the landscape architect Joanna Yeates have launched a national Facebook campaign to appeal for help.

An advert showing an image of Yeates headlined "Jo's murder can you help?" will pop up on the social networking site to encourage people with information to contact police online.

Running an advert on facebook can target anyone.... right down to one particular person.... 

5. Get Super Granular With Layered Targeting Options
The really powerful thing about Facebook ads is in your ability to layer targeting options on top of one another, gradually making your audience more and more specific. An extreme (and hilarious) example of the power of hypertargeting was featured in AdWeek last year, when a marketing pro targeted his roommate with ads so specific the poor guy thought he was being cyberstalked.

Yes, you can use combinations of behaviors, demographics, and geolocation data to reduce your audience to as little as one person. Far more useful for you, however, is the ability to match ad creative and offers to smaller audiences created using combinations of data.

The link from the newspaper about the advert goes straight to Avon and Somersets website..  The ad that was on facebook, I do not know what it featured... So could have been aimed at someone specific..

I do not know how many AD campaigns Avon and somerset Police use in general on facebook or this tactic was used just for that particular case....

If aimed at someone specific, they could have contacted the Police with information... Or it could have been there just to rattle their cage....

I did notice that nothing from Dr Vincent Tabak facebook page/content was used in the trial..... that should have held a wealth of information, either what was said at the time on it... or if he had stopped using it because of the Ad campaign...

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones, who is leading the inquiry, said: "The majority of people these days are spending time on Facebook and other social networking sites; this has become part of everyday routine for many people. This advert allows us to point people to special features on our website with all the latest information. It allows them to contact the incident room direct online rather than calling in.

What was on The Avon and Somerset Advert.... I clicked the link from The Newspaper Article and the url i have linked below, Whatever that image was it is no longer there....  does the 1973 in the address mean anything??

Looking at NSU 1973 I just find cars??  NSU being a German manufacturer....  We still do not know what car Joanna yeates had..... Did she have a classic car??  Had she advertised it for sale ?? Was someone admiring her car??

I only thought of this as a possibility because they show Peter Stanleys cars... both are Classic cars.. An Old Jeep and i think the other is an old BMW...

So the information we do not know about may be Joanna Yeates car....

The Use of Facebook gives them a world wide audience.... Were they aiming it at someone from another country?? seeing as the feature was to contact them online instead of ringing directly.... It also give prisoners a means in which to contact the Police.....

Most of Facebook's 400 million members use the social-networking site to reconnect with long-lost pals and keep in touch with friends and family. But dozens of prisoners in Britain have found a more sinister and predatory use for Facebook: after being locked up for offenses such as murder and assault, inmates are taunting and terrorizing their victims through status updates and group wall posts.

British prisons ban inmates from accessing the Internet except for educational purposes, and then only under staff supervision. But prisoners are still finding ways to update their Facebook pages from behind bars, sometimes using smart phones they've smuggled into jail

Was the ad campaign aimed at someone specific? someone who could not ring the police directly??  It is a possibility like so many other things.. But ordinarily I find that the Police do not wish people to contact them via social media....  It tends to be there for information purposes only... They ordinarily give the public a phone number to call...

This idea brings up other possibilities.... Was the sobbing girl in prison??  Did the sobbing girl communicate via facebook using emojis?? Is this why we never have heard anything else about the sobbing girl??

Although Facebook bans sex offenders from using the site, it has no specific policy for people convicted of other crimes. "Until they serve their time, they should lose the ability to have their profile on any of these social-networking sites," Trowsdale says.

Did Dr vincent Tabak use facebook whilst he was in prison??  Is that the reason he was finally convicted of child porn many years later?? Maybe they thought calling the Murder of Joanna Yeats a Sex Crime would prevent the use of social media...  And as it wasn't proven to be a sex crime would facebook deem it as one??  If Dr Vincent Tabak had a way of accessing the internet did the Child Porn charges put a stop to that???

Just a thought..,8599,1964916,00.html