Other High Profile Cases and Persons of Interest > Twenty years on, the mystery of who shot Jill Dando still prevails.

Witnesses Who Claim To Have Seen The Perp

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--- Quote from: Holly Goodhead on April 30, 2019, 09:13:23 AM ---The fact BG has been diagnosed with various mental and physical disabilities and appears socially inept does not in any way point to him being responsible for the murder. 

--- End quote ---

It doesn’t point to him NOT being responsible for the murder either.

Barry George stated - following his release from prison, ”I will maintain that I will look anyone in the eye and state I have not killed Jill Dando

Sounds rehearsed to me.


--- Quote from: Nicholas on April 30, 2019, 09:22:43 AM ---He was capable of rape

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“He was initially charged with rape but because of a dispute over forensic evidence, the police reluctantly accepted his plea to attempted rape, partly to spare the victim from giving evidence.


Michelle Diskin Bates 🎀
No...BBC, these are NOT rape victims until someone is proved guilty of raping them! With the greatest respect they are claimants or accusers until then. Innocent until proven guilty...not half guilty, awaiting a trial! #BBC
Could be my son or daughter.
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