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Magistrate Desmond Nair Summarises the case so far in Bail Hearing


Sherlock Holmes:
Below is a Youtube link to a recording of Magistrate Desmond Nair's handing down of Oscar Pistorius' bail verdict at Pretoria Magistrates Court, February 22nd 2013.

It is a very long segment of the last day of bail proceedings (a two and a half hour recording), but I would highly recommend listening to it if you have the time and patience.

Magistrate Nair is a clear and engaging speaker, and in leading up to his pronunciation of bail for Oscar Pistorius, he provides a full and detailed account of the most important aspects of the case to date. He highlights for us several questions of concern from a legal standpoint, therefore hinting at what may be expected from this case in time.

All in all it is a most informative piece.

I am looking for a full written transcript of proceedings that day (so far have only managed to find segments). If I do not manage to find the full transcript I will endeavour to produce one myself. Meanwhile the recording makes for compelling listening.



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