Disappeared and Abducted Children and Young Adults > Spanish youngster Yeremi Vargas (7) disappeared from outside his home in the town of Vecindario, Las Palmas, Canary Islands, on 10th March 2007.

Lieutenant Hidalgo gives an update on the Yeremi Vargas case.


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Lieutenant Hidalgo discusses Yeremi Vargas: "We do not know whether he is alive or dead"

Silvia Martinez Pozo
Sunday, 13 April 2014

* Sometimes I think yes and some do not. Nor is there anything to make me think he's dead. There is no proof," said José Miguel Hidalgo.
* "There are three "hit" lines of investigation open. A fourth is the Scottish pedophile, we hope to soon dismiss" he adds.

Seven years have passed since the small Yéremi Vargas disappeared without a trace while playing in the vicinity of his home in neighborhood, a district of Gran Canaria. The child was just seven years and nothing is known of what happened to him.

His mother, Ithaisa Suárez, lives each day a martyrdom. You must keep the fortitude for their other two children, eight and two years, but says that every time is "makes me more uphill, it's increasingly difficult".

They say that hope is the last thing you lose and this is the premise that has followed this mother during this time. "I've always thought that the child is detained and that some day they are going to release him and he will return home" insists Ithaissa.

"My life is like a big nightmare"

The mother of this little one, who would now have been14-years-old and would be in full adolescence, has that "is as if time has stood still since that day." Still I can't believe that seven years has passed". This anniversary, like every other one, is hard, but it is one more day to live with the pain of not knowing anything.

"I've tried to learn to live with it, my children, without medication, without anxiolytics, but I can't, I can't. I come down. Then when they see that I am poorly they get sad and nervous. The tiny ones sometimes need attention and I can't give it to them, his father gives it to him " Ithaisa explains with sadness.

"There are days when I don't want to get out of bed and do nothing. It seems that I'm not living at all. It is a great nightmare. Terrible". The support of the people around me is essential to overcome every day. Ithaisa says that "almost all the people took part in her search. They are still looking for him, they contribute their little efforts. If you've seen any child who resembles you, dare to pick up the phone and call. They provide what they can".

There are several lines of research open

The latest research led to the Central Operations Unit (UCO) of the Guardia Civil agents to move to Scotland for questioning in prison to two paedophiles who were on the island when the child disappeared. Ithaisa says that it is not the only line open at the moment.

Officials responsible for the case tirelessly seek Yeremi. They not surrender in spite of it having been seven years. "There is a solid and reliable system that they follow, they are looking for him even in the air. But they do not throw the towel in and are going to continue looking for my son. This year my child turns 15. I hope the work of the Civil Guard. "They have told me that they have where to work, several lines, the pedophiles is not the only lead", concludes with distraught voice this mother who has spent seven years waiting for his son to return home healthy and safe.


Dear Little Yeremi

We visited Tenerife and the little island of La Palma only three or four monthas after he had gone missing.  There were just a few photos up of his cute little face and before long photos of Madeleine alongside. 

It was difficult asking, but people were very kind.   

I dont know the precise spot where Yeremi went missiing from but it was somewhere in the los llanos district.  I have been thru there several times, but dont know it well.

Using Gearth, we can see that the area is very close to the main motorway  which partially encircles the island.  Also we can see that due east of Los Lllanos there is a new port.  This is only about two and a half miles away.

Unusually for a port, it has no boats or ships in the two date-closest GEarth images about 2007.  Not any sign of any boats or people / activity at all !  It is isolated.

Also the dock is reached along a half mile long "road - pier" from the mainland.  So not only would anybody unloading a child there on to a boat, probably be alone, but also virtually unseen from the mainland.

A perfect spot for abducting or smuggling anyone or anything.

Also just seven miles south of Los Llanos, there is a private flying club, which from memory was well hidden from the road.

So was Yeremi abducted by a local paedophile or was he abducted and whisked away abroad?

Yeremi's mother has been in touch with me and advises that there are several possibilities still being pursued by the Guardia Civil on Gran Canaria.  She has promised to keep us advised as to progress as and when.


--- Quote from: John on August 27, 2014, 01:00:35 PM ---Yeremi's mother has been in touch with me and advises that there are several possibilities still being pursued by the Guardia Civil on Gran Canaria.  She has promised to keep us advised as to progress as and when.

--- End quote ---
That's good.  Thanks John


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