Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > The kidnapping and shooting/murder of Anni Dewani while on her honeymoon in South Africa. Trial of Shrien Dewani was held in Cape Town, SA.

Part of Dewani's Statement to Police

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You will note that:

All Dewani can say to describe the car jackers he spent 20mins (or even 40mins, depending on which of his stories you go with) driving around with is that they were very black and one had 2 piercings in his ear.  Neither Qwabe nor Mgweni has a double-pierced ear.  He gives no description of their clothes - even though one of them was wearing bright yellow washing up gloves.

Passer-by, could you amend the opening post please as there appears to be text missing.  Also, it would be helpful if you posted the full statement as paragraphs 7 - 18 are missing from the above attachment. TY

I don't have that I'm afraid:  it's the sort of thing I would have hoped to find on Dewanifacts' website, but it contains no evidence at all so I'm reliant on the Google Fairy to help.

Nonetheless their absence doesn't particularly alter the final paragraph: 

"I will not be able to describe the male that was driving the car.  I can only say that the other male was very black, he had two piercings in his right ear. I will however not be able to describe his facial features."

Dewani was sitting back-left, diagonally from the driver, yet cannot describe him at all.  What's more, he is emphatic that he won't be able to.  I'm sure most of us trying to describe a witness would kick off with skin colour, hair colour/length/style/hat, then move onto their clothing - green t-shirt, black jacket, scruffy/smart, then progress to body type, large/slim etc and then to other senses:  deep/soft voice, smelled like a heavy smoker/cheap aftershave/fried onions.  Dewani is in control and telling the policeman all the information he will give out either now or later is that the man was black.

Interesting statement analysis here:


--- Quote from: John on August 26, 2015, 12:43:55 PM ---Passer-by, could you amend the opening post please as there appears to be text missing.  Also, it would be helpful if you posted the full statement as paragraphs 7 - 18 are missing from the above attachment. TY

--- End quote ---

What you see on screen is the only part of the handwritten statement that has ever been made available (I think leaked by someone within SAPS), and it is indeed linked to on our "Useful Links" page.

I cannot recall exactly but from memory the handwriting on the statement is not actually that of Shrien Dewani but rather of a policeman who took his statement and then asked Dewani to sign it.

I am unsure what the point of this thread is? Is it really that unusual that someone caught in a terrifying situation wherein his bride was murdered, might not remember more than very scant details of the hijackers who robbed him in the dead of night in a dark lonely township area?

Police statements are always taken down by a police officer and then signed on each page by the person making the statement after they have read it through and made any alterations, so the handwriting will not be Dewani's.

Is it really that unusual that he can't remember any details of the hijackers he claims to have spent 40mins with?  Well yes.  If it was usual to forget all the details the police would never get descriptions of criminals off traumatised witnesses and never produce photo-fit pictures.  Of course it's unusual - especially as the driver, who he had a clear view of, was wearing yellow washing up gloves - you would think that detail would stick.

And let's imagine ourselves in that scenario:  how would we respond?

We are in a country in which approximately 50 people are murdered everyday and have foolishly taken a loved one to a place where there's a murder every 2.5 days.  The worst has happened:   we've been hijacked at gun point by 2 armed men, the taxi driver is nowhere on hand to help us, we've been ejected from the car and it is now speeding off into the night with our loved one in the back.  The hijackers have already taken all our valuables so there can only be one reason to speed off with our terrified defenceless loved-one in the back of our car:  something truly terrible is about to happen to her.

What do we do?!  Do we run frantically down the road in a vain attempt to catch the car and, we hope, open the rear door so our loved one can escape, then collapse in a panting heap having failed, desperately trying to remember the registration number to give police? Do we then scream the place down for help, run to the nearest houses, banging on their door, yelling that a crime is taking place and we need to use a phone because we know we only have minutes to save our loved one and every second counts?

I don't know, let's look to Dewani for inspiration:

"I walked . . . "


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