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Supreme Court finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp

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Pistorius walked away too easily with the earlier decision, but he's stumped by this one.  Congrats to Karma.  8@??)(

It beggars belief how the original judge could get it so wrong!  ?8)@)-)

Justice at last for Reeva and her family

Reeva Steenkamp's mother says a South African court has secured "justice" after Oscar Pistorius was convicted of murdering her daughter.

Speaking to Sky News, June Steenkamp said the change of Pistorius' conviction from manslaughter to murder meant her family have obtained "respect for Reeva" and "respect for women".

An appeal judge said last year's verdict was "confusing and flawed" and the athlete will now be re-sentenced by the original court and will almost certainly go back to jail.

"We've got justice, we've got respect for Reeva, we've got respect for women," Ms Steenkamp said.

June Steenkamp
Reeva Steenkamp's mother closed her eyes when the decision was read out

"I really don't care how long it is, as long as he pays for what he's done and takes responsibility for what happened. He's got to take responsibility for what he's done," said June Steenkamp.

A murder conviction carries a much heftier sentence: a minimum of 15 years in South Africa.


Well well!

In a way I feel sorry for him for his disability and lost well worked for career, but it was he got his talon bullets gun out, it was him to decided to shoot at an unknown person at best with the aim to kill when not under attack, at worst knew it was Reeva and murdered her, he is now paying the price.....still, if he gets out in six years he still has most of his life ahead of him, Reeva is being eaten by worms because of him....good result either way

According to reports they have raised a warrant for his arrest to be executed next week so could he won't have a last Christmas and New Year as a free man after all.  He deserves neither empathy or sympathy for what he did to Reeva so must face the consequences of his own actions.  There is always parole at the halfway mark so potentially he is looking at five to ten years banged up depending on how generous the judge feels.

My sentiments were to his good life beforehand and but he ruined it...yes, ALL his own fault...and I dont give a shit  about him  he was a lying little b........ in court and his ridiculous  lawyer a bgger one..
you do get s..m of the earth barristers, like in ths case and casey anthonys case...the better lawyer lost there ...it means s..mbags win alot of the time

It means people who are "supposed to respect the law" do the opposite...


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