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Lakeland Terrier

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--- Quote from: Erngath on December 13, 2016, 03:04:20 PM ---
Are you sure it is cat pooh? As far as I know cats always cover it up either with earth or litter but then my cat is very well behaved. 8(0(*
I suppose my fear does go back to being bitten by a terrier when I was a child. I was recalling the incident earlier this week and was told I shouldn't have been running in the park because that would encourage the dog to run and bite.  &%+((

People do do peculiar things. We had a spate of dog pooh bags being thrown over a fence into our garden. Strange that someone went to the bother of scooping it up but then chose to dispose of it in such a way.
I really don't know you could make cat owners more responsible for their pets.

Ours is only allowed out in day light and never allowed out at night. Keeping a cat indoors all the time is in my opinion quite cruel but once they are out is is impossible to determine their behaviour.

Your neighbours should be showing some concern and certainly not laughing about it.

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Yes, I watch them do it. Obviously badly brought up. Anyway, we seem to be hogging Alfie's thread and probably putting him off pets for life.  @)(++(*

So anyway, tortoises...


--- Quote from: Alfie on December 13, 2016, 06:42:16 PM ---So anyway, tortoises...

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They wander off and hibernate for months, yawn......a goldfish?


--- Quote from: G-Unit on December 13, 2016, 07:30:14 PM ---They wander off and hibernate for months, yawn......a goldfish?

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Tortoises can't wander far if you have them in an enclosure of some sort.  But I take your point about the hibernation.  Low maintenance though  8((()*/

Alfie..................wondering if you did finally acquire a pet?


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