Alleged Miscarriages of Justice > The kidnapping and shooting/murder of Anni Dewani while on her honeymoon in South Africa. Trial of Shrien Dewani was held in Cape Town, SA.

Shrien Dewani makes first court appearance in Capetown, SA.

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Shrien Dewani: Clean shaven, suited and ready for court.

A smartly dressed Shrien Dewani leaves court in Cape Town - a far cry from his dishevelled appearance in the UK - as eyebrows are raised about the A-list treatment he has received.

Wearing a dark suit, tie and white shirt, a composed Shrien Dewani arrived for his first court hearing in South Africa today.

The 34-year-old's clean shaven and assured demeanour was in sharp contrast to recent images of him in the UK, where he appeared dishevelled with a long beard.

From the airport, Mr Dewani was ferried in a black Hyundai 4 x 4 with tinted windows to the Western Cape High Court, where he was taken in through a side entrance, away from the throng of journalists gathered outside.

Mr Dewani was then charged with murder in his cell, away from the court, where dozens more journalists were waiting.

The hearing itself lasted less than 10 minutes and the media was banned from taking pictures, in contrast to the televised trial of Oscar Pistorious in Pretoria.

The court heard from the state prosecutor and Mr Dewani's advocate, Francios Van Zyl, before judge president of the Western Cape province, John Hlope, ruled he should be remanded in a private room at the Valkenberg phyciatric hospital until May 12.

Addressing Mr Dewani, the judge said: "The matter has been adjourned until May 12 where it will be before this court following an agreement between the parties.

"It was agreed between the state and your defence counsel that you should be remanded at Valkenberg phyciatric hospital."

Mr Dewani appeared composed and started straight ahead when he stood in the dock.

However when asked by the judge if he understood, it appeared that Mr Dewani had to be prompted to say "yes" by his family, who were sat in front of the dock for the hearing.

Afterwards, his family said they were "looking forward to his name being cleared".

In a statement they said: "Shrien remains committed to proving his innocence in a court of law and uncovering the truth behind his wife's murder.

"We look forward to his health improving, his name being cleared and there being and end to this legal trauma for all involved."
Mr Dewani will remain in Valkenberg phyciatric hospital until his next hearing.

The psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Cape Town is a sprawling facility surrounded by 8ft electric fences.

It houses some of South Africa's most notorious killers and murderers but Mr Dewani will be given a private room.

He will be kept under 24 hour observation, with staff there reporting back to the court on whether or not he is fit to stand trial.

The South African authorities have agreed to send him back to the UK in 18 months if his deemed unfit because of his mental health.


Dewani is driven away to Valkenberg phyciatric hospital after the hearing.


Tim Invictus:
Surely that quite useless reporter in the clip is wrong! She said Dewani's trial begins 12th May; my understanding is that is Dewani's next court appearance and a possible trial date has not even been considered yet!


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