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Re: Video's and tv shows
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This link will take you to a list of about 150 videos that I have, myself, compiled to show the details in the case based on the OFFICIAL PORTUGUESE POLICE files that were released for public viewing in July 2008.

Many of them may shock you if you are not familiar with the police Files.  They include many forensic photos and interviews with the McCanns etc on several different topics relating to the investigation.

Please dont hesitate to ask if there is a topic of interest that you would like to check into or anything in the videos that you would like to qestion. 

Madeleine McCann Controversy REFERENCE forum has hundreds of timelines, timetables and compiled topics with appropriate random info added.


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Re: Video's and tv shows
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It should be noted that the videos above are full of half truths, quotations out of context and silly unsupported myths. She only represents her own biased and illiberal views.

One should ask why the Portuguese authorities did not bring a case if all this 'evidence' is true. That is the challenge to the [ censored word].