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Wrongly Accused Person Org drop the Luke Mitchell case.

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As predicted, the Wrongly Accused Person Organisation and Forum jointly run by Billy Middleton and Sandra Lean have removed the Luke Mitchell boards from their forum.  This follows the decision by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission not to refer the case to the Appeal Court.

A stalwart supporter for over ten years, Sandra Lean has now withdrawn completely from the case. The Power of Attorney previously granted which enabled her to act on Luke Mitchell's behalf has now been revoked.  Sandra Lean has refused to disclose the reason for the split citing personal reasons.


Wrongly accused person org appears to be no more

"Sandra Lean Joins Billy Middleton as Partner of Wrongly Accused People site.
Sandra's extensive knowledge has been gathered over several years resulting in the book "No Smoke, The Shocking Truth About The British Justice System" which can be found on the site. Us being in partnership on the site will be a huge benefit to those who need it and with the plans we have discussed make our mutual aim more achievable.http://wronglyaccusedperson.blogspot.co.uk/2009/06/sandra-lean-joins-billy-middleton-as.html




It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to learn the police were involved in its closure

Wonder how much money he pocketed from his various fundraising activities



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