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When is a sex offender not a sex offender

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The answer is when the case is dropped by the CPS due to no evidence (not insufficient evidence) but then the exact same allegation is 'tried' in a professional hearing. Tried to a lower threshold of evidence to a panel all too willing to hang on to every word of police allegations. I know because this recently happened to my partner.

The police in their cocky arrogance just simply repeated their allegations, including their 'intelligence' which was profoundly wrong, added some salacious titbits of opinion and dressed up normal activity as hiding illegal activity. The panel simply sucked it all up, ignoring completely any evidence supporting innocence or suggesting anything other than guilt. Two careers destroyed, and two people dragged through the mud and contemplating suicide. As you can see it annoys me slightly!

In my opinion these 'hearings' have become a back door for failed prosecutions and offer no protection for the defendant. They are even posted on websites in all their glory for people to drool over. A bloody Kangaroo court with no standards whatsoeve.

Anyway...feel better for that!  8(0(*

I take it the hearings you refer to are disciplinary hearings within the workplace?


--- Quote from: John on March 29, 2017, 11:06:05 PM ---I take it the hearings you refer to are disciplinary hearings within the workplace?

--- End quote ---

Both that and the HCPC

For the longest time I've suspected nugnug as a misogynist


I suspected the same with Simon Hall when he confessed

Here are 4 reasons misogynists give for their misogyny https://jezebel.com/the-4-reasons-misogynists-become-misogynists-according-1475672690

And here are some of nugnugs one liners (plus a. 4 liner); taken from the blue forum

"but why say a man when your trying to frame a woman.

"its just to covienant that she forgot and then suddenly remembered.

 "lucky for rwb she rembered or he wouldn't of got the cash.

"and the only evedence for who dies last is mugfords statement.

 "this blows out the water i think. https://youtu.be/iwQvI8Eq0mE

"ive completly lost track of this thread what were we talking about agian

"so it looks like someone was cheated ether way if Jeremy is innocent he was cheated if hes guilty colin was.

"thats bollocks your grandmother does not have a better cliam on your money than your children.
what do you think the word son and heir means.

"also jeremy telling her the exact order of death conflicts with him telling her he dident carry out the murders personallybut hired a hitman.
and why would he think she would need or want to know every detail about the murder.
of course if mugford made it up you have to ask the qustion why she listed any order of death  as it isnt necasry to gain a conviction.
its only necasry for porpuse of someone trying to cliam an inhertiance.

"you cant convincly say that a hitman did it but you know exactly what happened her statements about the hitman and the order contradict each other.

"they say the testing had never been done before and has never been since that doesn't give me much confidence that it was sound forensics.

"and I think she knew perfectly well where he could be located.

"it wouldn't of been hard to find out that Mathew MacDonald was not going away. now you might think that on being a shocking story like that you might want to know a bit more.

hinking implys your not certan i would sort of expect the police and the relatives to be a bit more confident they were right.

"form somone who made a completly false cliam on here thats rather ironic.

normaly they say I know hes guilty or hes guilty.

erm the poster already proved themselves

"well from a prosecution witness wold expect a tiny bit more certainty.

"........ in a case understood to be the first of its kind in Scotland, a sheriff in a civil action has ruled Mr Coxen raped the woman, known as Miss M, and demanded he pay damages.


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