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And that has backfired big time.  There was a time not that very long ago when the vast majority of the press and media were extremely supportive of the parents but that has changed recently with a significant number of them now questioning things they wouldn't have dared do previously.  The very full report by both the court of appeal and more recently the Supreme Court has done much more damage to reputations than Amaral ever could have. Where they go from here is anyone's guess?

The damage is from the lies...and I have given examples to support this previously...amaral has told and been allowed to get away with
Edgar's investigative deficiencies were exposed after the 'Beckham look-a-like' exercise. Fancy appealing for help at a press conference when the 'lead' hasn't even been investigated thoroughly by your own team.
So does that mean his opinion is invalidated? 
Which of these tweets are sent to the McCann's ?

Likewise, how many abusive tweets are sent to Amaral, Grime, Pat Brown, etc. every day ?

Any idea Alfie ?
Do you want me to spend some time counting them all up and putting up some research on the subject?  Would you accept my findings if it showed (as I suspect) that abusive tweets about the McCanns outnumbered abusive tweets to the others you mention by a factor of at least 10?   TBH I'm less interested in the anguish caused to the McCanns and their family by these tweets (surely they must be hardened to the idea that thousands of people utterly despise them?) than in the motivations of those who feel the need to be so vile on a regular basis.  Why do they do it?  What pleasure do they gain from it?  They pretend it's because they want "Justice 4 Maddie" but IMO that's rubbish, a convenient smokescreen to excuse their vileness.  They just enjoy being horrible on a regular basis and the McCanns are their chosen victims. 
Edgar's investigative deficiencies were exposed after the 'Beckham look-a-like' exercise. Fancy appealing for help at a press conference when the 'lead' hasn't even been investigated thoroughly by your own team.

On the contrary an appeal is often made to the public in the hope that information which may result from it can then be added to the known information - and thus speed up or aid an investigation into a lead in a major way.     It's not the other way round.
I really believe this case needs a proper look at.... the discrepancies are plenty... Greg's description of the flat has changed , originally he said he was annoyed that the flat was a mess.... Making believe he was expecting her to tidy up whilst he was away and maybe the pair were not so tidy... He then described it as though something had happened there..

The time she possibly has reached home... there is no proof of that...  The contradicting information about whether Joanna Yeates read her texts or not.....  If she didn't always read them or reply to them, then the last text from her male friend may not be as important for timeline as we believe.... she could have just not bothered... because we are not aware of the phone that Joanna Yeates owned we do not know whether or not she saw the reply on her phone as a notification and didn't bother replying... (parents say she didn't always reply)... so she may have seen the texts....

One of my major bug bares is why they charged Dr Vincent Tabak between the 16th Dec 2010 and the 26th Dec 2010... If they were so sure she died on the 17th December 2010 why charge him within a range of dates????

There are always discrepancies in every case, witnesses remember different things at different times on occasion.  That doesn't mean that they lied or were economical with the truth.

The only way any of these things can be reviewed is if VT requests it or some other information comes to light which throws doubt on his involvement.
I understand he made a plea..... but what if the evidence and timelines could prove otherwise and that he did not commit this crime?? for instance if he went to the CCRC.. would they just maybe want to get his sentence reduced  to Manslaughter.. or will they check all the evidence and timelines, videos etc....

Since VT admitted to killing Joanna and since it has not been determined that he was unfit to plead, he will not be able to appeal his conviction.  He can however appeal the level of that conviction ie manslaughter versus murder.
Or maybe as I posted a few days ago  8(0(*
"Maintain a "hull down" position ? or make an application to the ECHR, which effectively kicks it into the long grass for 10 years, and make Mitchell earn his corn spinning the tale to best advantage. Whatever you say about him he is good at it".

It is odd that David Edgar's tale is simultaneously briefing against the PJ and The Met.
Just look at the facts. His investigation concluded without result, his files were given to The Met five or six years ago...join up the dots.

He wasn't tweeting his opinion though ... which makes your post off topic ...please watch out for that.
well has anything changed since 2008.

Have they ever explained what they couldn't talk about then. because of the judicial secrecy.

No, all they have done is gone after G. Ameral

In case you haven't noticed there are two live investigations in operation at the moment one in Portugal and one in SY.   The Oporto team warned at the beginning that press speculation could cause them to stop their enquiry.  As a result of that the McCanns appealed to the press to report responsibly.

Both SY and the McCanns have said they will not be giving a running commentary on these ongoing investigations. IOW they will not be talking about the case.

I'm surprised that you appear to have no knowledge of any of those facts.
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