Author Topic: Did M25 rapist kill Billie-Jo Jenkins? Family call for new police probe  (Read 7481 times)

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Offline John

I must admit I have formed the opinion that he was hard done by with all the trials and what he went through.  It has always intrigued me though why his wife took the remaining girls and emigrated as far away as Tasmania.
Thanks for your thoughts John,
I believe that after he was convicted, his wife Lois divorced him and moved with their four daughters to Tasmania, severing contact. Days after his acquittal she revealed how he had violently beaten her and their children.
In her diary she alleged that her former husband had a history of domestic violence, violent mood swings and a fascination for corporal punishment. This diary was wriiten way before the murder even took place and she had no reason to lie at all. She stated that he had often lost his temper and punched Billie-Jo. Mrs Jenkins knew exactly what Sion was capable of.
She had given similar evidence during his appeal hearing but the allegations were never heard by the jury. Many people also do not know that was also a proven liar, bully and often cheated on his wife.

Crikey that is something I didn't know.  I have no time for domestic violence irrespective who the perpetrator is, there just is no excuse for it and as for punching little girls...well...say no more.

I look forward to hearing what you can tell us about the case and Mr Jenkins in particular Ian.   8((()*/
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Offline Brigadier

I would strongly recommend you read Sion and Bob's book on the case. It describes how quickly Lois falls apart when the erroneous forensic report is put to her. She then sets about basically framing Sion, preventing him from having a fair trial to start with, divorcing him and taking the girls to Tasmania where he never sees them again. What's more she ignores the family court order and neglects to maintain contact between Sion and the girls.

Lois' claims of domestic abuse are never corroborated by any evidence or by anyone else involved with the family: the girls, live in au pairs, etc.