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Re: Mother of Daniel arrested as fake abduction revealed!
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Madeira: Daniel's mother, missing boy, acquitted

Court has failed to prove the crimes of kidnapping and trafficking in persons. Lídia Freitas was accused of staging the disappearance of her son for the power sells
2017-02-16 14:32

The mother of Daniel, the boy from Madeira who was missing for three days in 2014, was acquitted on Thursday of crimes of kidnapping and trafficking.

The Court of the Central District Court of Madeira was not able to prove the crimes that Lídia Freitas was accused after being suspected of staging the disappearance of her son to be able to sell.

Daniel was found three days later very close to where he had disappeared, in Calheta, safe and sound.
The group presided over by Judge Carla Menezes considered that "no evidence allows to conclude that the events [related to the disappearance of the child] succeeded in the way described in the indictment."

"In the absence of full proof" of the boy's mother's involvement in the disappearance of his son, "the court has no other choice" and decided, "using the legal principle of 'dubious pro reo', acquit" the defendant, the judge said.

The events date back to January 19, 2014, the day Daniel, then 17 months old, was reported missing during a luncheon with his mother's relatives.

The indictment alleges that "sufficient evidence was gathered that it was responsible for the disappearance of the child, with a view to selling it to third parties so that they could adopt it illegally."

According to the prosecution, the woman "generated a plan to sell" the boy to someone who "did not have and wanted to have a child," looking to receive between "30 thousand and 125 thousand euros."
Lídia Freitas has managed to get invited to lunch at the home of relatives living in the Strait of Calheta, considering that due to "the location and isolation, it would be the perfect place" for the 'disappearance' of Daniel.

The child was found three days later, about 1,100 meters from the same house as relatives, by healers (professionals who care for the maintenance of water courses in the island's mountains), in Levada do Nova, in the midst of dry plants.

He had wet clothing, signs of hypothermia, hands with signs of exposure to cold, and feet wrinkled due to moisture.

Daniel's mother was detained on June 23, 2014 and, after being heard by the criminal investigating judge of Funchal, she was subject to a term of identity and residence.

In court, witnesses, including the Inspectors of the Judiciary Police, family members of the defendant and the boy's former partner and father (currently on probation under another case involving suspected child rape) Accused "strange and calm" when the child disappeared.
In the video conference testimony, the boy's father, Carlos Abreu Sousa, said that Lídia Freitas was "a little disappointed" when they received the call informing that the child had been found and said: "It's a lie, it can not be."

Carlos Abreu Sousa admitted to having suspected the former partner's involvement because, among other things, she also refused to join the group that organized the searches.

The trial began on January 12, and the defendant, Lídia Freitas, refused to file a statement in court, which today handed down the sentence, acquittal.


Good news for Lidia & imo the correct decision was reached.
Yes, but is she cleared, or only "pending"?  @)(++(*