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Re: Sin Jenkins completes research degree in law
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I cannot say for certain if Jenkins is guilty or innocent, but Joanne has at least thought out her responce better than the other contributors. Lately there has been rumours that the alleged m25 rapist murdered Billie Jo. again I cannot say for certain whether the alleged m25 rapist killed billie joe. However, I can submit excelent evidence that he did not rape at least two of the rapes he was found guilty of raping, and probably did not rape most if not all the raped ladies.
   Returning to Jenkins case innocent people are often imprissoned, and guilty people are allowed to retain their freedom. Maybe Jenkins is guilty, but all I see is he said she said.

Just before the cyanide kicks in, can I say that Sion Jenkins is innocent? He's just got an annoying face.

Innocent of murder or of being a domestic control freak with a propensity to violence?

Possibly both. Lois clearly loathed him (he does come across as a very strange man) but who knows if she was being truthful? It's interesting that, now his girls are older, they are keen to speak on his behalf.

There is never smoke without fire imo.  Lois would know that if she lied about the domestic abuse her daughters would at some stage show her up as a liar so there was no point in doing so.  Sion Jenkins had a violent temper so was quite capable of lashing out...the question is could this have escalated to murder.
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Re: Sin Jenkins completes research degree in law
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'Never smoke without fire'? That does imply that anyone facing an accusation is presumed guilty of something. It also goes against the legal premise of innocent until proven guilty. If you actually read Sion's book you will see that all the accusations came directly from Lois after she had been fed the report by Surrey police. Not before. There were no independent witnesses. Not only were there the other girls living in the house, but they also went through several live in nannies over the years. Lois was a social worker herself and Billie-Jo had regular sessions with her own social worker up until the end. But no complaints were ever raised.

Lois may well have known that her lies would have come out (the eldest girl flatly refuted them when they were first put to her). So she did her best to keep them out of giving any evidence in the original trial. There were tensions in the family due to Lois' career aspirations and wanting the family to move back to London. It was actually her who was a little strange due to an isolated upbringing. Sion describes how in one of their early dates before getting married, he realises she has no idea who characters such as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall are.

Sion most definitely did not have a violent temper. He was a professional teacher on the brink of being promoted to head at his school on the basis of recommendations and his experience. He was well used to dealing with demanding children. Even the tent peg used as a murder weapon doesn't make sense if he used it. There were nearer weapons to hand that he could have used.
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