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Re: Mark Alexander
« Reply #90 on: January 10, 2017, 09:11:57 AM »
Keep up the good work. I know how difficult it can be waiting on answers to update people.
Even more so when the prison have restrictions you have mentioned

Thank you Jixy. John has given me a huge platform to discuss Mark's case and I owe it to him to provide answers to posters. I really hope I can do this soon.

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Re: Mark Alexander
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It is a very good platform with some very intelligent people who seem to look at all side of a case. You have sparked my interest in the case I was working on!
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Re: Mark Alexander
« Reply #92 on: January 16, 2017, 08:37:35 PM »
I have received a phone call from Mark this evening to say that he has posted a letter to me which I should receive tomorrow.  He has answered the questions and says that his answers are very long and comprehensive.  He has nothing to hide and would like everyone to have as full a picture of his case as possible in order to make up their own minds.  As soon as the letter arrives I will start to post answers, probably one at a time to give posters time to respond.  He also welcomes more questions.  I know a couple were submitted after I had sent the initial ones off so these will be included in my next letter to him.