Author Topic: How did Samuel travel when he went off on his own?  (Read 108 times)

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How did Samuel travel when he went off on his own?
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This incorporates the following questions:

Mark has claimed that his father went off on his own.  I take it he didnít go off in the family car since there were ways to track the vehicle?  If he didnít go off in the family car how did he travel and what did he use for money?  Did Samuel withdraw funds from his account on a regular basis as most people do?

As youíll have gathered from the evidence Iíve shared with you in answer to other questions on the forum, my father was highly resourceful (link to answer on checking if someone is still alive).

I borrowed the family car between 5th September and 12th October, during which time I made 4 trips between my new flat in London and the family home in order to move all the stuff Iíd packed over August.

Whenever I had the car and dad needed to get around, it would be the Ďcarersí responsibility to chauffer him; and if that wasnít practical, then heíd just get a taxi.

Having returned the car home on 12th October, dad would have been able to drive himself.  I met up with dad 3 days later on 15th October 2009, which was the last time we saw each other.  I didnít use the car again until 22nd January 2010.

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Re: How did Samuel travel when he went off on his own?
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But isn't that the point, he had no carers in late 2009 so nobody missed him when he disappeared?

Mr Alexander effectively disappeared from mid August.

From the Serious Case Review:

Mr C = Mr Samuel Alexander

Mr C had no  recorded contact with services during  July  2009.
On  4  August, Mr C had a CT scan  for his  chest symptoms. This  indicated  recovery from pneumonia.  Mr C went to  the GP practice on two occasions  in  August. 
Mr  C attended three outpatient appointments at Milton Keynes Hospital during  August, and he was admitted for two days. When he required continence pads,  ďhe was offered the continence  phone number but refused it.Ē A District Nurse  visited at the end of the  month to deliver pads. The following day the District Nurse was unable to gain access to Mr  Cís home.
During  August, the Occupational Therapy service wrote to  Mr C asking him to contact them because,  ďseveral telephone messages left without response. Call to GP  surgery: informed no reason  why Mr C would not respond.Ē 
Mr C did not  attend an outpatient appointment at Milton Keynes Hospital in mid-August. Mr C had no recorded contact with  services during  September 2009.
Mr C did not attend an outpatient appointment at Milton Keynes Hospital at the end  of September.
Mr C had no recorded  contact with  services during  October 2009. He did not attend two outpatient appointments at Milton Keynes Hospital on in October. 
During  November 2009, ileostomy appliances  were requested from the GP practice for Mr C. However,  it is not  known who requested these. 
In early  December 2009, the GP  practice requested Mr  C to make  an appointment  for  a medical review.  It is  unclear whether the request  was by letter or telephone. 
During  December 2009, Mr Cís Occupational  Therapy file was  closed  because there was ďno response from  Mr  C.Ē
During early  January  2010, Adult Social Care noted that Mr  C was telephoned  ďas part of an attempt  to ensure vulnerable service  users are safe during inclement  weather. No response from  Mr  C.  No  record  as  to  whether  this was  followed up.Ē  However, there is a  possibility that Mr C was overlooked. 
In  February, Mr Cís Direct Payments (of c.  £900  a month) were suspended as a  result  of the police investigation. Within days, the police found Mr Cís body and a murder investigation commenced.
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Re: How did Samuel travel when he went off on his own?
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If we take AW's first statement in which she said she last saw Samuel on 1st October or her second statement which she was persuaded by two police officers to change, she saw him on 27th August.  Either way, this does not equate to Samuel going missing in mid August.