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Hi All  :D

Welcome Stephanie and we hope you will enjoy participating in the new forum.  We look forward to reading all the new stuff in Simon's case afresh and we know you will do him proud.

You might like the black or chocolate themes on this forum??   :D

Welcome!!  xx

Tim Invictus:
Steph I am delighted you have a new bigger and brighter home for your campaign and life's work. I believe Simon's case will have even more support now.  ;D My prediction is that Bamber's case will fade away very soon and your true MoJ will grow and grow until Simon's release.

Happy days.  ;D   

Tim Invictus:
Real gut feelings take over sometimes and I 'know' Bamber will stay where he is and I 'know' Simon will be back where he belongs ... at home with you Steph getting his ears bent!  ;D


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