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Evidence pointing to intruder
« on: May 22, 2017, 11:17:18 PM »
Hi All,
I remember this terrible case back from 1996, and have followed it intermittently since then. I saw an outlandish article a few months ago blaming the 9 year old son!

It prompted me to read up on it and I'm more confused than ever, as hard evidence DOES point to an outsider being the killer:

1) Victim was found gagged and tied with various foreign objects, e.g the duct tape around her mouth, white string around her wrists. There was also an unidentified jute bag found in another room, which left fibres on Jonbenet's bed but nowhere else in the house.

2) DNA from an unidentified party on the victims underwear and underneath her fingernails.

3) An unidentified pubic hair found on/near her body

4) And finally the ransom note. To my mind it looks nothing like the mother's left hand handwriting, but it has been used against her by implying that she wrote it.
Handwriting tests cleared her in 1998 of suspected authorship and furthermore it doesn't match anyone else in the family.
Whilst I agree it is odd that an intruder who just committed murder would sit down and write a 2 and a half page ransom note rather than make haste in his escape, perhaps he got a kick out of it. In fact isn't this just a bolder version of when murderers/rapists taunt the police or victim families once their clean away?

Please feel free to correct me if I am missing something here, but is this not the work of an intruder?