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Title: How Competent Was Hamish Campbell (the lead detective)?
Post by: Holly Goodhead on June 04, 2019, 01:44:06 PM
Certainly competent enough to be awarded the QPM!  But there again Fred Goodwin and Philip Green were awarded knighthoods for services to banking and retail respectively  8)-)))

He seems to make some nonsensical claims eg:

- Recent BBC docu he states perp only had one cartridge on the basis it appeared it had been modified.  No idea how this would preclude perp from having further modified cartridges on his/her person?

- Also in the docu he states soc was unprofessional in that perp left bullet and casing at soc.  Afaik perps of gun crime do not routinely recover bullets/spent casings?

- Again in the docu he revealed his decision logs which confirm Jill only visited Gowan Ave at random days/times He suggests this is evidence of an opportunist.  He seems oblivious to the fact the perp may well have used electronic covert surveillance and there's no evidence police considered this as a real possibility.

- According to The Sun (if you can't trust The Sun, who the hell can you trust!?) Hamish Campbell still believes a lone individual was responsible ie a stalker/obsessive.  His reasoning is that Jill's diaries, which he read at the time, do not reveal any threats!  How does the fact her diaries do not reveal any threats support a stalker/obsessive over any of the other theories?  I thought stalking usually involved a trail of harassment?  If Jill was being harassed then why did she not discuss with others and/or keep a record in her diary?  I would say the fact Jill's diaries do not reveal any threats points away from an obsessive/stalker.  I can't think of another case in the UK where a public figure has been shot on his/her doorstep out of the blue or anything remotely similar?  Rare cases such as Jo Cox who was stabbed to death at her constituency surgery involved a right wing extremist. 
Title: Re: How Competent Was Hamish Campbell (the lead detective)?
Post by: Holly Goodhead on June 04, 2019, 06:27:35 PM
Image of those responsible for the case in the early days:

Asst Commander Brian Edwards and Det Chief Insp Hamish Campbell:

Where are the females  *%87