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Some people may be so shallow, just as some people may be shallow enough to support Cameron because he referred to immigrants as a 'swarm'. This made me wonder why McVey is being attacked?

Esther McVey is committed to and defends sanctioning benefit claimants. She defended the policy at a select committee inquiry into sanctions. The case of a diabetic who died after his electricity was cut off because he was sanctioned and had no money was raised. His sister said 'diabetics can't wait two weeks for a hardship payment to be authorised'

A Labour MP said;

Once again Esther McVey has shown a stunning disregard for the mountain of evidence provided during this inquiry from individuals, academics and organisations who have seen first-hand, or worse experienced, the effect of this government’s inhumane approach to sanctioning, especially against vulnerable people.

McVey seems to lack empathy for the disadvantaged of the UK.
You seem to have changed your mind about her recently!
They were making promises they could not keep!  it is because of a labour government and their EU luvvies immigration policy, the 'young' are getting shoddy watered down education, no access to affordable social housing- unless they have a child, if you are infertile tough luck, and NHS waiting lists are  so long  people really are dying to get admitted- no pun there! They raised stealth  taxes, did nothing about tax evasion and there was no improvements in any of the public services, they also sent soldiers not equipped properly to die in a pointless war!

Let's keep it real people. 8((()*/ 8(0(*

Gosh, but there are some people who have spent years researching these files in persuance of “Justice 4 Maddie”.  Don’t tell me they have all been duped by forged files?!
What is on the internet is copies of unknown provenance.

Really... Who says so... Apart from you... You think someone may have forged all those photocopied pages... And put them on the, web....
They are in the court house at Portimao.
Where they have been since July 2008.

They are on tinternet too
I'm not interested in pointless, arguments... Best if you stop your harassment now... Try not to make your posts personal if you can... You were asking where the official files were... See briettas post

They are in the court house at Portimao.
Where they have been since July 2008.
I find if you take milk in tea then you can't taste the tea... I'm a follower of Kuan Yin and therefore drink Kuan Yin tea... No milk or sugar...wonderful tea

Allegedly not drunk by Native Americans from fear of drowning in their own TeePee.
That is the second page showing question 2, Rob.

The original page is on the left side and the translation to English on the other ... clicking on the file image enlarges it.

You are looking for ...
Processos Vol X Pages 2555- 2556
Translated by ALBYM
They are the pages I'm looking at.  Page 2 has Kate's signature.
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