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Hi Misty.  What do you mean by 'did not fit the known facts'?

The known facts were Jane Tanner saw a man carrying a child heading away from Block 5 from west to east.
If Dr Totman was returning from the creche & carrying his daughter he would have almost certainly been heading from east to west. There is no plausible explanation for him to be heading away from Block 4, carrying his barefooted daughter, unaccompanied by his wife & 4yr old son.
Reference the Fenn statement - what if Jenny Murat muddled the date she saw the lady in purple/plum?  She made no mention of it in her PJ statement, even though she included the timing of her trip to Batista to buy bread on 3rd May.  Then considering the number of years it took to finally talk to the press and her advancing age, I wonder if it is possible that she may have seen the suspicious woman on Tuesday, 1st May.  In which case, the Jorge Alberto Bandara Rocha statement and Mrs Fenn’s statement about crying may connect up.  Anyhow, even if this theory is wholly incorrect the Jorge Arturo statement is worth looking at i.e. mention  of overenthusiastic photographing, taking the time to book in low season yet gobbling down dinner, the women’s clothing description and the question of the name of a fish in German, conveniently answered by a nearby German couple.  (Of course there is also Jeremy Wilkins lady in purple on 3rd May, but as far as I can see, only mention was made of lady in purple whom he believed to be Jane Tanner once he got back to the UK.  As a result, perhaps he did see Jane heading for dinner,  but because she wore so much purple in the media his brain/memory associated her with the colour).

The people dining in the Refugio restaurant were identified as Wojciech Kamil Krokowski and Anetta Malgorzata Krokowski Jarosinska, who were staying at Sol e Mar apartments in Burgau. The restaurant booking is confirmed here in PJ files

The original report of the woman in purple said she was wearing a white skirt & had long dark hair.
That doesn't tally with the description given by Jorge Rocha, who said she was blonde & wearing a beige dress(?) & trousers.
I am not sure how clear these images will be, but the shirt she is wearing definitely looks purplish, especially in larger format.  It also looks remarkably like the same purple shirt she is photographed in at a later stage.  Additionally, JW made it very clear, at the time, that although he did not know her name he did recognise her as part of the holiday group - so again, I do not think Mrs Murat's sighting and JW's sighting were of the same person.  The timings don't fit and neither do the overall descriptions of clothing or build.  I only know of one other person recorded in the files as wearing a purple jacket and it wasn't Jane Tanner.
Those that can view the video - do you agree that the person identified on the second photo is "David Payne"?   
IMO that person looks more female than male?
I can't find an existing thread for the above so here's a new one.

The only mention of fingerprints in KM's book is on page 102 where she states people had been in and out of the room (where the twins were still sleeping) for the last 3 hours when a young officer entered with a brush and pair of latex gloves.  So on this basis I guess it was around 1 am - 2 am 4th May. 

She goes on to say the young officer also took fingerprint samples from herself and GM but it seems they were unsuccessful as they had to repeat the same exercise the following day at the police station.
Were all the other reference fingerprint samples of the people "in and out of the room" taken at a later time?
I provided a link to the article which another member said had been deleted. In my opinion the article is merely rumour. As far as I know the only Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal laboratory used was the one in Lisbon.

It has, a direct quote referring to a dna sample... To say no dna sample exists is therefore opinion.. Not fact
According to Amaral's book Kate's 5 fingerprints from the middle and index fingers of her left hand were found on the glass, the handle and the right hand frame of the children's bedroom window. (page 80)

I can think of no reason why Kate would have touched the handle because it would have been behind the left hand curtains if the window was fully opened. It also raises the question of how Gerry shut the window without smudging her print on the handle.

You are quoting an inaccuracy from Amaral's book which is misleading. 
Kate left no fingerprints on the handle or on the frame of the window.  The only fingerprints left were on the window glass and were commensurate with her leaning out ... not opening ... the window.



5….. Fingerprints….Inside interior window of the children’s bedroom…..DBT…..Suf

1. Methodology and means of operation:

2. Established number of supposed authors:

3. Abandoned objects:

4. Objects or values that were the target of the crime:

5. Importance of the damage incurred:

Observations: The fingerprint traces collected are identified as being the middle finger of the left hand (3x) and forefinger of the left hand (2x), of the missing girl’s mother,

The 5 KM prints were all located on the
"Lado interior do vidro da janela"
"Interior surface of the glass of the window"
The article YOU quoted says..

But a source at the Instituto Nacional de  Medicina Legal laboratory in Coimbra said: “It is an important step in the investigation but the truth is that the DNA cannot be matched with any records. The evidence is very vague.

So they confirm dna was found

I provided a link to the article which another member said had been deleted. In my opinion the article is merely rumour. As far as I know the only Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal laboratory used was the one in Lisbon.
Interesting time but the big question is why bother?  How would independence benefit Scotland anyway or is this entire debacle just one big ego trip for nationalists?

I believe the big ego trips are those of Boris, Jeremy and certain Westminster politicians.
I can only say there is a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo!

This is a good summary of the history of the case
How It Really Happened: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? Part 1/2

Part 2

Specific areas on those videos raised some of the issues explained in this new theory.
BoJo's presser in Luxembourg went well. Shame he wasn't there...

As someone said, the Incredible Hulk turned into the Invisible Man.

Channel 4:
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