Author Topic: Light and convivial for May 2019  (Read 588 times)

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Re: Light and convivial for May 2019
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And both were sure that Madeleine's fate was determined by her parents ?
They were both convinced that her parents were responsible for her death/ disappearance/ faked abduction?
Never too sure what some sceptics believe?

I don't think Alice ever had a specific theory; he was more interested in the libel trial & how it would pan out.
Blacksmith - his writing speaks for itself although a translator is recommended to help ascertain what the heck he's on about.
Both would have been more at home in smoking jackets at a Gentlemen's club. Quite what their respective fascinations were with down-market social media I can't begin to wonder.
All IMO.

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Re: Light and convivial for May 2019
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Aw, bless rest in paradise     Alice Purjorick  you will be missed. x