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Re: The window sill at Apartment 5a
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I prefer to call them people who seek to denigrate the McCanns without providing any evidence to support what they are saying about the couple beyond rehashed news reports from mid 2007 which have long since been proven to be wrong.

EXcellent. Can we find an acronym in that.

MCCann amateur detectives, obtuse loaded descriptions, with out morals endless nonsense

Mad Old Women?  That's a bit misogynistic - a fair few of them are the male of the species.

MAny men, even young men, may be old women!

My point is that using the term "old women" in a derogatory way is misogynistic.  As one who will be an old woman before too many more years have elapsed I have to say I object to the term (albeit with my tongue somewhat in cheek).   

By the way, I notice that my assessment of Spudgun's (lack of) debating skills and propensity to resort to insults and threats of violence has been removed from the forum.  Mods, could you explain why when Spudgun's original post in which he denigrates Debunker as a WUM and a troll with an IQ below 75 has been allowed to remain?

SOrry, the basic form just jumped out at me

Old git apologises