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Re: Myths revealed in the Madeleine McCann case
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Gerry McCann was in Rothley on 21 May 2007. On that evening he added his own yellow ribbon to the ones in the square in the village.

To add to the Amaral information regarding the doubts being cast on the McCanns by the PJ as early as 4th May, there is a news report from Diario de Noticias on 5th May 2007 which states inter alia:

"The disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the English three-year-old child that was on holidays in Lagos, "is a very badly told story", a source from the Polícia Judiciária in Portimão has confided to DN. The statement reflects the authorities' doubts concerning the "confused" depositions that were given by the witnesses yesterday, throughout the day."

Good God.  So by the 5th of May 2007, The PJ were already spreading disinformation about a bunch of distraught people who were having problems with The Portuguese Language.
From whom did The Diario de Noticias get this information? 
Bearing in mind that The Coordinator in the McCann Case had been made an Arguido on the 4th of May in the Case of Torture to extract a Confession from the mother of another missing child who disappeared in close proximity to Praia da Luz.
It don't half make you wonder.