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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1440 on: April 28, 2018, 10:42:32 AM »

This is from The helpfindjo webpage.... Sky news

The top of the image is difficult to read...

Top line reads... HELP FIND JO YEATES   Joanna Yeates missing since 17/.. i think that is 12.. not sure... But the next bit says... ?414 ... I think it says /2-414...  It may be a backslash but it isn't clear... And the number after the 17/ isn't clear either... What does that mean??

The info  below that is blurred I believe states:

On Friday17/12/2010, 25 year old landscape architect Joanna Yeates left the Bristol Ram pub at approximately 9pm. She headed home to her house in Canygne Rd,Clifton via Waitrose on Clifton Triangle and the Tesco Express on Regent Street at 8:40pm. She has not been seen or heard from since. Jo is 5ft 4, of medium build with short blonde hair and blue/grey eyes. Anyone who has seen Joanna or knows of her whereabouts is asked to contact Operation Braid incident room on 0845 456 7000 0r Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

The bottom part makes us believe that this is Official because it has Avon and Somersets web address....

Is this site anything to do with The Police??

What is that date on the top of the webpage??

This is an  Official webpage as we have been told... How have they got her leaving The Bristol Ram Pub at 9:00pm??

Sky News 23rd December 2010 17:06 UK

On a special web page launched to spread details of her disappearance, Twitter followers have been asked to tweet the message: "PLEASE RT. Joanna Yeates, missing from Clifton, #bristol since Friday 17/12/10. for info #helpfindjo.

This must have been what the helpfindjo webpage originally looked like...  I still don't know who set up the page....

And I wish I could make out what the Date / Information at the top of the Page states!

When i go to the helpfindjo web page now... At the top of the page is says....

JO YEATES SADLY TAKEN FROM US. Joanna Yeates went missing 17/10/2010; discovered Christmas morning 2010. Investigation ongoing.

Well I do hope an Investigation is still on going...... Because I believe it needs reinvestigating....(imo)...

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1441 on: April 28, 2018, 11:01:15 AM »
I have attached images of these posts...
Nicko Brooko shared a link.
23 December 2010
PDF posters now available in A5, A4 and A3. If anyone has any changes they think should be made I can make them.


Nicko Brooko
23 December 2010
Will post a link to PDF posters for anyone to print out and distirbute. A3, A4 and A5 versions.

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1442 on: April 28, 2018, 12:33:19 PM »
From the post and comments on facebook......

Nicko Brooko
23 December 2010
Trying to think of some new ideas to spread the word online outside of social networking and news sites.

One idea is a template news story, ask people to post on their websites and blogs. any further ideas please post and we can try them out.

Template... that had all sorts going around my head.... So are there "News Templates" out there of headlines etc that are not from the Newspapers??

Heres an example of what templates can be used...

But the facebook posts get stranger......

Claire Kendall Smiley, Nicko and others discussing website options, you can get a free domain name through BT. You won't need donations. It says its for businesses but just ignore that (I did). I promise this isn't spam:

Reply by Nicko

Nicko Brooko Hi, sorry have been out postering in Cribbs Causeway, the website is setup at - it's not much but it's there and has been getting good coverage.

Can't tell if he set up the website... But........

If needs be I can create a domain easily for it; might do this tomorrow, no hassle for me and minimal cost but at the moment there seems to be no use in confusing people with multiple website addresses.


Nicko Brooko Ok please stop this, it's not helping. I will setup an additional domain today, so both the old and new ones will work.

And this one is sending to a website.....

Nicko Brooko I have just registered - it takes a few hours but should be active later today I hope and will forward to the other site.

So of course I clicked on the link to this NEW website for Joanna Yeates..... But it isn't a picture or Information about Joanna Yeates....  But rather about some bloke and it says that "Jo got Snatched"....
It could have been taken over since 2010.. But the fact that it talks of someone being snatched is coincidental.... (imo)

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1443 on: April 29, 2018, 12:24:27 AM »
Remember the "Sun" and the 50,000 reward....  After my above post I started to wonder about what templates might have been used and if there were any out there....

Was The Sun Poster a genuine poster??  I had thought it was just a Sun headline.... But did The Sun Produce posters??

The Sun is circulating reward posters in the Clifton area of Bristol where Joanna Yeates disappeared on 17 December.

Why would these Posters only be in The Clifton area of Bristol????  You would have thought it would be nationwide.... That is odd.... So did the Sun actually make these posters...??  Or did they just go along with it to help the Police??  I wish someone would answer my questions... I have thousands....


HUNDREDS of Sun reward posters were distributed throughout Bristol yesterday
in a bid to spur witnesses to come forward.

The bulk of the posters were put up along the route of Jo’s final journey home
to her flat in Clifton on December 17.

Why just put them on the journey home to Joanna Yeates Flat??  Who were they aiming them at??

Why would the Sun only produce Posters for Bristol/Clifton??

Which then makes this statement from The Yeates even stranger(imo)

The brave couple said: “No amount of money will bring Jo back — but knowing
that we have the support of the nation in what is an extremely difficult
time is comforting and we thank them.

Well the posters are only in Clifton and not the Nation.....

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
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The Sun Poster gets more Interesting....  So I must be incorrect in a way... But it was there to help the Police I believe.......

At the bottom of the Poster in "white" writing it ha terms and conditions...
It states:

Sun Offer subject to terms and conditions and Editors discretion. For Full terms (Can't read next word)

Here are the terms and conditions....

THE Suns offer of a total of 50,000 reward is for information directly
resulting in the conviction of those responsible for the murder of Jo Yeates
and is subject to the following terms and conditions:-

1. The conditions set out hereunder are subject to variation only by the
Editor of The Sun.

2. The Editor of The Sun will, at all times, have absolute discretion over the
terms of offer, conditions and payment of any/all The Sun Reward offers.

3. All offers will be subject to these terms.

4. All offers will be made in good faith.

5. All claims must be made in writing.

6. All claimant(s) must provide information which leads directly to arrest and
conviction of Jos killer. In the event of more than one such conviction,
the 50,000 will remain the total on offer. In the event of more than person
such giving information, the reward will be divided.

7. A claimant(s) who in the reasonable belief of the Editor has any
foreknowledge of or criminal involvement in the crime which is the subject
of the Reward offer, will not be eligible to receive the reward (or any part
of it).

8. A claimant(s) who is an accomplice in the crime or in any way thereafter
assisted the perpetrators of the crime will not be eligible to receive the
reward (or any part of it).

9. A claimant(s) who is a relative (or former relative) of a participant in
the crime will not be eligible to receive the reward (or any part of it).

10. Serving police officers (or civilians working with or for the police) will
not be eligible to receive the reward (or any part of it)

Where do I start..... I believe the reward was there to assist the Police... and yes I know that is normal , but i am thinking that they were directing it again at someone....

Those responsible.... We are still at the idea of more than one killer.... This idea was dropped when we went to trial... They seemed happy that one man could commit this crime on his own and carry a dead weight several times, without leaving any drag marks...  But I believe that they still believe that there was more than one person involved...

Number 8:   Thereafter assisted in the crime.... Couldn't someone inadvertently assisted??
They have to have knowledge of what the Police believe happened..(imo) There must have been many who were aware of what happened to Joanna Yeates ...(imo)

Number 9 is an interesting one.....
9. A claimant(s) who is a relative (or former relative) of a participant in
the crime will not be eligible to receive the reward (or any part of it).

How can being related to someone when you are not involved dissolve you of claiming a reward??

The date of the terms and conditions is the 6th January 2011... The Police have Dr Vincent Tabak in their sights since late December 2010... (apparently)...The media say nothing of Dr Vincent Tabak's Interview in Holland, not even after his arrest.... And I am sure that they were aware of this.... (imo)

Dr Vincent Tabak is related to who?? No-one in this country as far as I am aware.... So that tells me they knew who the Police were looking for and it wasn't Dr Vincent Tabak.... I say this because of what Clegg had said in the Interview with Fiona Bruce... and how The Police told the media information......

Also if those who apparently helped Dr Vincent Tabak, were the people seen at the gate by CJ... then why hide the identity of the people CJ has seen at the gate.... There has to be another reason that the people CJ saw/heard at the gate are being kept quiet about....

Number 5: All claims made in writing??

That has me wondering if that is related to the Pizza Label and note that was received... ??

Former relative... That is specific, by anyones standards... So they must be referring to EX married partners, step children maybe....... But they know who they are looking for (imo)

This terms and conditions The Sun has given, in no-way supports that Dr Vincent Tabak is the man that they were looking for...  He apparently had no girlfriend before Tanja Morson and was not married.. , and those members of his family in Holland would not get The Sun Newspaper... The Poster was put around Clifton.... So it has to be Clifton based (imo)

 I believe the killer was from around that area, or the killers relatives/ ex relatives were from around that area... (imo) for them to just put the bulk of the Posters in Clifton....

I looked at the Tia sharp poster and that had terms and conditions, which are similar to these... But the Police and the media knew who had done harm to Tia Sharp... They knew it was the grandma's boyfriend Stuart Hazell and I believe that is why the terms and conditions apply.........
The Police knew that Tia Sharp had come to harm.. there had been no CCTV of her leaving her home... The conditions set out in the reward are for her safe return...

6. All claimant(s) must provide information which leads directly to police
safely finding missing Tia Sharp. In the event of more than one person
offering such information, the 25,000 the reward will be divided.

Again a reward for Mikaeel Kular...... (terms and conditions)
6. All claimant(s) must provide information which leads directly to police
safely finding missing Mikaeel Kular. In the event of more than one person
offering such information, the 25,000 the reward will be divided.

The Police already believed that harm had also come to this young boy...... (imo)

So when we looked at terms and conditions for Joanna Yeates, number 6 tells us what they are looking for..

6. All claimant(s) must provide information which leads directly to arrest and
conviction of Jos killer. In the event of more than one such conviction,
the 50,000 will remain the total on offer. In the event of more than person
such giving information, the reward will be divided.

Number 6 in the terms and conditions tells us what we need to know about any of these rewards... That is where the information lies....

It clearly demonstrates that there are many people who have knowledge of what happened to Joanna Yeates (imo)
It is tailored for that purpose...  And I cannot believe that this was aimed at Dr Vincent Tabak.... Especially as they are still insisting that there was more than one person involved in this crime or have knowledge of this crime.. The information in terms and condition 6 tells us so.....

No-one came forward at trial to point the finger at Dr Vincent Tabak either, which make me also believe the reward was aimed at someone other than Dr Vincent Tabak.... The Police had to believe that the people involved were connected to each other ..(imo)

They know that they will not be paying this reward (imo) especially with the terms and conditions... I believe the reward for Joanna Yeates was aimed at the perpetrators and placing the posters around Clifton and on Joanna Yeates journey home, it has to be someone from that area or someone from the area has knowledge......

Dr Vincent Tabak is no longer living at Canygne Road by the 6th January 2011... he is on Aberdeen Road... His journey to work would not take him on the same path as Joanna Yeates Journey home...  Neither Tanja Morson Journey would take her on that path either.... So I cannot see how it is aimed at either of those two... (imo)

And even if they ventured into the centre I cannot see their journey mimicking Joanna Yeates journey home.... They would avoid the area just by the demographics... So it has to be someone whom is in and around the area of Joanna Yeates journey home ...(imo) Or who was well aware of Joanna Yeates journey home.... As we do not know this journey fully and we do not know exactly where these posters were placed....  But going from the information we have been given we have to assume it is through Clifton Village to Canygne road stopping at various shops.

If Tanja Morson and Dr Vincent Tabak are no longer living in the vicinity.. they would not really have a need to take that particular journey...(imo) So the placing of the posters for them is pointless...(imo) It must be aimed at someone else....(imo)

It's a no brainer offering a reward for Information that you basically exclude everyone from claiming... The reward is  aimed at specific person/persons and hopefully unnerving them...(imo)...

Terms and Conditions applying feature in the advert and the Picture of Joanna Yeates in Waitrose...  All very strange... (imo)

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1445 on: April 30, 2018, 07:47:47 AM »
The website seems to have been removed...

I have a screen shot... of JO GOT SNATCHED at

(image attached )

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1446 on: April 30, 2018, 10:36:15 AM »
Bristol Live

Verified account
Follow Follow @BristolLive
Police believe missing #Bristol woman Joanna Yeates is still alive #helpfindjo

Of course the page has been removed fro the Bristol Post....

So if the Police Believed that Joanna Yeates was still alive on the 24th December 2010...  Then Dr Vincent Tabak could not have killed her.....

What made the Police believe that Joanna Yeates was still alive????

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1447 on: May 01, 2018, 10:05:28 AM »
I am starting to think the Information the papers get are from Facebook.....  Or did someone else get their information from Facebook?? (I don't know anything is possible in this case as I keep saying...)

Darragh Bellew is the first to tell us that Joanna Yeates  Keys Mobile Phone and Purse , were at her home...

I had posted before that Rebecca Scott had said the same thing on the 22nd December 2010 and that report was in The media.... cannot find that at the Mo.....

Jack Carrington is The Person who confirms that Joanna Yeates was in the Hope and Anchor on that Friday lunchtime.... He says this as early as the 23rd December 2010
Jack Carrington
23 December 2010
I work at the Hope And Anchor, remember Greg and Joanna come in quite often and in fact last Friday lunchtime they did, still cannot believe Joanna has gone missing if there is anymore i could do i would they're a lovely couple
2 Likes4 Comments

The telegraph report this ... 7:00AM GMT 31 Dec 2010

His wife Theresa added: We are very pleased there has been an arrest.

Miss Yeates had had lunch with Mr Reardon on the day she vanished.

They had met at the Hope and Anchor, a mile from their home

He drove up to Sheffield early that evening to visit his half-brother Francis for the weekend, while she planned on staying at their flat, preparing for their Christmas party the following week.

Officers visited three locations in Clifton to ask pedestrians and motorists if they had seen her on December 17. The operation began at The Ram pub, where Miss Yeates had after-work drinks with colleagues between 6pm and 8pm. Detectives then headed to Canynge Road, the street where Joanna and her boyfriend Greg Reardon, 27, shared a flat. The pair enjoyed a last drink together at the Hope & Anchor pub, just hours before she went missing.

Now the odd thing I noticed about the Hope and Anchor (And I know the Police took the CCTV, which was Grainy)... Nowhere does any of them say that Joanna Yeates ate cheesy chips..... It is not until the trial that we have the story of Cheesy Chips.... She could have eaten cheesy chips at home, quite frankly....  Let me see the CCTV....

All anyone knew at the time was that Joanna Yeates had been to the hope and Anchor because the manager posted that she had.... But... would we have known that if the manager hadn't said??

I find a reply to the manager most strange...

Mel Meale Jack - have you questioned people in the pub if they saw anyone or anything suspicious? I have posters on me and can pop down this morning if you need some?

Why would the manager of the Hope and Anchor be questioning anyone in regards to Joanna Yeates disappearance??

My post that I have linked at the bottom is an Interview about CCTV at The Hope and Anchor...

I may be incorrect with my idea... someone else may have evidence of an earlier report of The Hope and Anchor being mentioned... But don't think that there is....

When you think about what Darragh Bellew says hours after Joanna Yeates is reported Missing, I being to wonder who told him to divulge the information??

The Yeates do not have there appeal until the next day... so Darragh cannot have got it from watching anything....

This is the earliest point of reference to what is left behind... Already creating an idea that Joanna Yeates was taken from her home...

And with the post from guy from the Hope and Anchor, a scenario of what happened to Joanna Yeates starts to emerge...

But The CCTV of Canygne Road is vital... And the CCTV from The Hope and Anchor, both of which I believe were never shown at trial....

Where was the supporting evidence that Joanna Yeates drank coke and ate Cheesy Chips?? Dr Millar I believe find an empty stomach and concludes that must have been Joanna Yeates last meal....

I personally like to see the proof of what she actually ate... But that is me.... In this case it is hard just to take anyones word as, the descriptions of times etc keep changing.....

We have a report that Joanna Yeates was reported Missing on the 19th December 2010... This is from CJ in The Leveson Inquiry... But when we get to court we are told that Greg Rang the Police in the early hours of Monday the 20th December 2010...

The Police release few Official  Interviews about This Case.... So where are the media getting there information from?? All you need is to have someone who is close to the Police and have a vested interest in the case to be leaking the info to the media...  So slowly putting together the information that is available around the web, we may see a clearer picture....

It cannot be coincidence that two seperate people whom I do not think know each other make information available on Facebook before anyone Officially has released this information...

My major problem with the Facebook posts.. is that is is exactly what it says on the tin....FACEBOOK! The information should only come from Police sources... Especially the two examples I have given here....

You don't use facebook to report what you have witnessed as in the case of the guy from The Hope and Anchor... That should have been reported straight to the Police and not on the Missing Facebook page (imo)...

Or did the Police want him to divulge that info??  I don't know... But all lines of inquiry and sightings should have gone to The Police only.... (imo)

So why have we had these reports of information leaked on Facebook??

Darragh Bellew doesn't post until late on Monday night.... I am sure the Police would have told him not to say anything , especially as he became a witness in this trial...  Or did they want him too???

As I say... anything is possible with this case ...!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1448 on: May 01, 2018, 10:19:28 AM »
Who is DC Mills?????

DC Mills asked Tabak and his girlfriend about their movements on Dec 17th. Tabak told DC Mills that he went for a walk and to Asda.

8:39 AM - 17 Oct 2011

Was it DC Mills who went to Holland??

I'd like to start a knew thread with all the twitter reports and images so they're easier to find.. They are getting lost in here...

Is that ok Mrswah? or any other Mod??

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1449 on: May 01, 2018, 12:28:38 PM »
She was close to Gregs family and stayed with them a number of times. They gave her a moonstone pendant. Jo never wanted to get married for the sake of it, but I feel that Jo and Greg were partners for life. Although they never discussed marriage, we felt it was on the cards.

Did Joanna Yeates still have this pendant on when she was found??? this is the only mention of it that I can find....  Now a pendant would be a throphy!

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1450 on: May 01, 2018, 02:11:56 PM »
Well it was a short stroll for Kelcey Hall to Bristol Crown Court... I didn't realise they were just a stones throw away....

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1451 on: May 04, 2018, 07:17:57 PM »
This is from The Wordpress about Joanna Yeates....  "Sadly taken from us"....  I still am not sure who wrote it.....


Vincent Tabak Charged with Jos Murder
Detectives have charged 32 year old Vincent Tabak with murder.

He will appear at Bristol magistrates court on Monday January 24 2011

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Jones who leads the investigation said on Saturday:

This evening we have charged Vincent Tabak with the murder of Joanna Yeates.

I would like to pay tribute to Jos family and Greg for their assistance and dignity in the most difficult of circumstances. Their support to us has been invaluable.

I would also like to thank the general public for their help and the information they continue to provide to the investigation, and the residents of Canynge Road for their co-operation and patience.

January 24, 2011 | Categories: Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Why did the site not continue?? Why didn't it come to its conclusion of the Conviction of Dr Vincent Tabak... 

The article that is written that I have quoted was featured in the papers on the 22nd January 2011...
But it takes the blog until the 24th to write about it.... ...

Where did the image Of Dr Vincent Tabak come from that appears in the video on The Telegraph article???

Who gave it to them??

Don't know who Dr Vincent Tabak is with,( Thats if it is him)..  but he's showing someone something on his phone...

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1452 on: May 04, 2018, 10:32:19 PM »

This poster ... was on the wordpress helpfindjo.... The Waitrose CCTV.... It's been bugging me.... How did they get the CCTV footage????

The Police may or may not have got this footage... But even if they did i cannot see how....

I believe you cannot use  CCTV Footage of anyone just like that... And for the Police to be able to obtain the footage they would need to use section 29 of the DPA... But that doesn't cover a Missing person. Otherwise it can take up to 40 days for your request t possibly been responded to and then it will cost you a tenner....

But we have within days a image from CCTV which apparently shows Joanna Yeates in waitrose....

status warnings
29 Crime and taxation.
(1)Personal data processed for any of the following purposes—
(a)the prevention or detection of crime,
(b)the apprehension or prosecution of offenders, or
(c)the assessment or collection of any tax or duty or of any imposition of a similar nature,are exempt from the first data protection principle (except to the extent to which it requires compliance with the conditions in Schedules 2 and 3) and section 7 in any case to the extent to which the application of those provisions to the data would be likely to prejudice any of the matters mentioned in this subsection.

As a Missing person doesn't come under any of the reasons for a section 29 request ... How did the Police or someone obtain images of Joanna Yeates in Waitrose by the 23rd December 2010???

Under the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998, you can release information to the police provided that you are satisfied that only the minimum information is disclosed, which is required to assist them in the prevention or detection of a crime or aid in the apprehension of an offender. You must also be satisfied that any investigation or police action would be harmed if you did not provide the information requested. Whilst it may be unlikely that the police would request such information should this not be the case, the Data Protection Act requires that the Police should be able to justify their requests for CCTV images, which cannot simply be a 'fishing expedition' for information.

Even those premises which have conditions on their licence setting out duties to provide CCTV to the police should be aware that all licence conditions and obligations must be lawful and compliant with the Data Protection Act.

So who handed over the CCTV?? And is the footage from 17th December 2010?? Is it Joanna Yeates in the footage ???

I cannot understand how it was even possible to get the CCTV footage of Joanna Yeates buying a Pizza at Tesco's either... She was basically a Missing person!!

Who contravened the Data protection laws??? were the data protection laws contravened??

There shouldn't be any available footage of Joanna Yeates at that point available for public viewing....

If the Footage was obtained illegally could it be used in court??? was it used in court???? What did Joanna yeates look like??

May seem daft questions... be ordinarily DPA stops anyone getting hold of such footage... It is normally used to detect crime...

So why would the Missing Person Poster that wasn't produced by the Police have an image of what should be Joanna Yeates going into Waitrose on the 23rd December 2010?????

Anyone want to answer  questions on the use of CCTV???

Am I wrong in my assessment???

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1453 on: May 05, 2018, 09:03:32 AM »
Waitrose....  The CCTV of Joanna Yeates going into Waitrose, I have watched a thousand times.. I am not 100% convinced that when we see Joanna yeates walking around Waitrose , that she is actually in Waitrose....

The huge cabinet that is in the middle of the floor shouldn't be there for a small supermarket... It's a convenience store after all and that appears to be a huge waste of space....

When I look at images now from inside Waitrose.. it's crammed , you can hardly move... So why would a supermarket want a display that large sitting slap bang in the middle of an isle??

Is she actually shopping elsewhere?? The staff have red aprons on... Now I know it's supposed to be christmas.. But Waitrose colours are NOT RED....  The Little Waitrose used to be another shop called Fresh and Wild....

I know most Waitrose are probably very similar, but I wanted to make special mention of this branch because of the amazing food they sell and how nice it is to be given this as an option, especially as I can barely cook a thing.

It was a massive shame when Fresh & Wild closed down and if somewhere like this hadn't opened one supermarket would have had the monopoly on this area and basically dictated what I had for my dinner for the past couple of years.

This is almost a Waitrose 'central' in that they don't have a huge amount of space so they sell more convenience food (ready meals) traditionally associated with the middle aged, single, male, Star Trek fan. But these aren't ordinary ready meals, they are amazing; good quality and good value. They do have a great choice of fresh fish and meat as well, but I think it's their lunchtime sandwiches are proving to be the most popular thing they sell with people in this area, myself included. They have delicious fresh sandwiches; try the jerk chicken or humous and red pepper baguette.

So if space is lacking why would you shove a bloody great display in there as a supermarket??

Another review..
 Listed in Best Off Licences in Bristol
Waitrose has to be my most favourite supermarket yet I rarely shop there as it is a tad more expensive than it's orange, blue and green counterparts. This is a direct rival to Sainsbury's across the way on the Triangle and it has no doubt put a dent in their profit margins. While it is quite small, I've never been into this Waitrose and come out thinking I still needed something on my list. They have a good fresh fruit and veg section, a substantial refrigerator section, a bakery and the cupboard staples you'd want. The piece de resistance I've always found with Waitrose is the booze section. It was one the first supermarket to stock the amazing Sailor Jerry rum, local ciders and ales and some of the rarer whiskies. And even though, this isn't the biggest Waitrose, it still has the impressive selection of booze. This is without a doubt the most ethical supermarket and they regularly donate money to local community groups, which you can vote for with a green token every time you shop.


Address: 46-56 Queens Rd, Bristol BS8 1RE
Departments: Sainsburys ATM
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM See more hours
Phone: 0117 922 1693

So it is quite viable that Joanna Yeates popped in there... She must have passed there....  If she was just having a gander then it would be just as easy to go to Sainsburys.. where theres an ATM as well....

Is the CCTV images of Joanna Yeates in Waitrose a marriage of two different CCTV's ??

I have attached an image of how crammed little Waitrose is...  So why would you waste space with that massive display??

Someone please tell me what it looked like in Little Waitrose and if when Waitrose took over that shop at 85, Queens Road they had a display cabinet that size in its shop on 17th December 2010???

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Re: The Defence Will State Their Case
« Reply #1454 on: May 07, 2018, 10:02:26 AM »
Part 1...........

Lord Justice Leveson
It's not just important, is it, Mr Jones? It's absolutely critical that the public understand that crime is detected by the public coming forward with information. It's a terrible mistake to think that crime can be detected entirely isolated from assistance provided by witnesses. It just can't be done other than in television programmes. Is that fair?

Well The whole Case was like a television program....  Is that the point of the comment??

Mr Philip Jones
Absolutely. Absolutely, sir. I think sometimes there's a perception that we investigate and solve all our crimes on forensic evidence alone, and it's actually witnesses and the general public that help us solve crime, and without them we couldn't operate in the criminal justice system and bring offenders to justice. So they are vital.

What witness's???  Which witness's actually helped solve this case??

Harry Walker ( neighbour who heard screams )

Florian Lehman (Neighbour who heard Screams )

Zoe Lehman (neighbour who heard screams )

Greg Reardon (Joanna Yeates boyfriend)

Father Henwood (Dog walker who met Joanna Yeates )

Maria Brown (Held the Party on Canygne Road)

Peter Brown (Held Party on Canygne Road)

Father Henwood (Dog walker who met Joanna Yeates )

Mathew Phillips (Heard a shreik... was at party on Canygne Road )

Louise Althrope (Attended Party with Dr Vincent Tabak)

Geofrey Hardyman (Tenant of 44 Canygne Road )(In bed at the time)

Elizabeth Chandler ( Office Manager at BDP)

Shrikart Sharma ( Dr Vincent Tabak's Boss )

Glen O'Hare ( Hosted Party Dr Vincent Tabak attended ).

Rebecca Scott (Joanna Yeates friend )

None of the above witness's witnessed anything... Nothing that could prove or disprove that Dr Vincent Tabak killed Joanna Yeates... None of these witness's saw Dr Vincent Tabak on the night of 17th December 2010... The only person putting Dr Vincent Tabak at Canygne Road on that evening is Dr Vincent Tabak himself....

As DCI Phil Jones points out... witness's are vital... But what did these witness's witness??? NOTHING!

I keep going back to it being a Moot Trial....  I am sure it is something along those lines...  The tweeting that took place at trial I believe was to see how it would play out in Crown Court....

From The Guardian....
The decision by a district judge to allow tweeting from the court in the Julian Assange extradition hearing raises interesting legal questions.

First, has the district judge, Howard Riddle, set a precedent which other courts will follow? Not exactly: it is a magistrates court, lowest in the pecking order of courts, so decisions do not bind other courts. However, his decision may be persuasive of other courts, especially other magistrates. The sky did not fall in as a result of yesterday's tweeting, so why not allow it again? For the decision to gain wider acceptance we really need a crown court judge or high court judge to follow suit.

The question is already getting attention at the highest level. In a Judicial Studies Board lecture in Belfast last month, the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, said:

Along comes a Crown Court Judge in the shape of Justice Fields..... 

The issue then is if reporters are to tweet from court, they need guidelines to work to, to make sure they retain their defences against libel and contempt.

Where are the OFFICIAL GUIDELINES for tweeting a trial from court?????

Where are the rules set out for anyone/journalists to tweet what takes place in a Court of law??

Journalists in court have no greater privileges than other members of the public and there is also the risk that the tweeting citizen journalist, unaware of court reporting laws, may include material which should be excluded.

The other danger to consider is that tweets will often be sent from a smartphone which has a very good camera. Will the temptation to tweet a picture of someone be too much? While the courts appear to be considering opening up to reporting via use of such technology, there has been no indication that that includes sending pictures or video.

Anything that opens up the courts to greater scrutiny and reporting has got to be a good thing. The challenge now is for those utilising such technology to make it work.

So where are all the applications from all of the Journalists that wanted to tweet live from the court?? Where are the guideline given by the judge to these Journalists??

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