The Disappearance of Portuguese youngster Joana Cipriano (8) from the village of Figueira, near Portimão, Algarve, on 12 September 2004.

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[-] The breaking story and what followed as depicted in the Press


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[1] Joana Cipriano - Introduction to the case.

[2] Video: Uncle reveals how Joana Cipriano was murdered and later fed to the pigs.

[3] Have we learned anything new from the Cipriano case?

[4] Ciprianos confess before the judge of instruction of the Court of Portimão

[5] Marcos Aragão Correia’s Report on Leonor Cipriano case.

[6] Some background to the Cipriano case

[7] Why does the Cipriano case invoke such passion?

[8] Joana Cipriano case - forensics

[9] Did the PJ do a reconstitution after Joana Cipriano disappeared?


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