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I just signed up to this forum because I'm appalled at the number of unsolved murders in the UK. I have little or no faith in, or respect for, the UK's criminal justice system, that seems to be more concerned with patrolling social media for spurious hate crimes than going after violent criminals and child abusers. Indeed, it is well known that the criminal justice system has facilitated child abuse and murder by destroying evidence, particularly where Establishment figures have been involved. It's a reported fact that over 1500 people have died in police contact or custody since 1990 which equates to about one per week. To be fair to the police this is partly due to people with mental health problems being dumped on their doorstep, but not totally. 

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Welcome to the forum Cop Sceptic. 
Members are reminded that cites must be provided in accordance with the forum rules. On several occasions recently cites have been requested but never provided. Asking for a cite is not goading but compliance.

From this moment onward, posts making significant claims which are not backed up by a cite will be removed.

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Welcome to the forum!  Looking forward to reading your posts.