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Asesinato en la Casa Blanca Granja.
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:08:04 AM »
Interpreter required, because it's all Double-Spanish to me...

Two Comments worthy of note, run through Google Translate:

Maybe what I am expressing now sounds ugly and hard but it is my point of view ... to adopt is an immense risk if the people who do not have access can not know the clinical history that shows antecedents and relevant medical problems ... difficult ... and if you can know this background then it's like playing Russian roulette and you do not know when you get the bullet ... I've heard of many adoption cases where the refrain raises crows that take your eyes fits. ... of course many children need a home .... but ... but ... it is a very personal point of view is not a truth.

I have to say that this case that, curiously, I did not know, has impressed me a lot. This psychopath is among the worst known. His level of perversity, falsehood, manipulation, sadism, theatrical dissimulation, narcissism, etc, etc, etc is at the top of the evil. Not only does he kill some parents who were good people, not only does he kill defenseless babies, but on top of that the sister is double charged destroying her life and reputation by carrying her with all the dead. All a work of art of evil, fortunately, frustrated. Then self-satisfied boasts of his abilities to remain as a victim. This is the typical integrated psychopath who is caught in their barbarities. People can not imagine how many there are unpunished.

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Re: Asesinato en la Casa Blanca Granja.
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 11:58:00 AM »
According to the following list, no idea how reliable it is, Spain has experienced 2 MoJ's with UK experiencing 40 over the same time period:

Meaning, possibly, Spaniards are likely to have more faith in their judicial system and will be less inclined to question cases and the systems of other countries.

How come the UK and US have so many compared with other countries?  Is this down to the reliability of the list, reporting, having a better appeals process and/or something else or do these countries have particularly poor judicial systems leading to more MoJ's? 
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