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10th January 2017 - Sandra Lean stated here:,8086.msg382961.html#msg382961
“Ah, good, I was hoping this would come around again. Stephanie thinks I was “blatantly avoiding” her questions. In fact, the thread had spiralled off in several different directions – I was just waiting until my response made logical sense. So, not hiding anything either.

Stephanie also thinks No Smoke should have been withdrawn or revised. I understand Stephanie’s right to feel that way. While she is also entitled to ask questions, I am under no obligation to answer them. However, on this occasion, I choose to address a couple of matters raised by Stephanie for the benefit of others who may be interested.
I spoke with many people (including others whose cases were mentioned or discussed) about the question of withdrawing the book. Not one of them wanted the book withdrawn. There were discussions about possible revisions which would, of necessity, have taken a great deal of time and effort - time and effort that I was not capable of devoting to the matter at that time.

When I revise No Smoke, the quote I posted earlier, give or take, will be the revision for Simon's case. Take it or leave it!

Sandra Lean:
Media wars are not my thing. Misinformation is not my thing.”

A campaigner fighting to overturn a high-profile murder conviction has accused MOJO of betraying potential miscarriages of justice victims.

Dr Sandra Lean said it was "really exciting" when MOJO asked to get involved with Luke Mitchell case two years ago.

Mitchell was jailed for the 2003 murder of Jodi Jones, 14, but continues to protest his innocence.

Lean said: "It was really exciting news. It looked like the case was getting picked up again, it looked like there was going to be some real progress here."

However, last month Mitchell's mother Corinne blasted MOJO for "doing nothing" since taking on her son's case and recovered his case files from their office.

Lean told STV News: "Part of the problem was the promises being made were not being kept. The case review itself was something of a farce. There was no central strategy. There was no planned route to how this review was going to take place.

"The idea of having the Luke Mitchell case, this huge case on their books, was good publicity for them."

The campaigners say that the alleged failings may have harmed Mitchell's case.

Lean added: "I was going to say it's a disaster but if they're not doing the work, they're giving false hope to people and that, in the circumstances these people are in, that it shocking, that is dreadful.

"I believe that some real damage has been done. There are a couple of things that should have been acted on very quickly, that were not and in spite of a number of promptings, a number of questions, a number of attempts to get something done, there just didn't seem to be the will to do what needed doing and some of that now means that routes forward that should have been available may no longer be available."

In response, McIlvride said: "We are aware of the criticism recently levelled at us by Mrs Corrine Mitchell.

"We do not consider it justified, but would not propose to rehearse the arguments in the context of what is, essentially, an unwarranted attack on myself, and, worse, the charity, by parties who are motivated to do us harm."

MOJO - An Update 26th August 2019 BY EUAN MCILVRIDE
”Following on recent media publicity concerning the Organisation, the effect of which has been to cause significant unnecessary anxiety to our service users and supporters, we provide the following update.

At our own instigation, necessary improvements to our compliance and governance arrangements were introduced by MOJO in April and May of this year.   As we are a registered charity these were properly reported to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, by ourselves, at the time.

The recent publicity followed on allegations of impropriety in our revised governance arrangements, subsequently made to  OSCR, and to the Scottish Government, by a now ex-director of MOJO and others associated with him.   Similar allegations were made, by the same parties, to our funders and potential funders which resulted in the withdrawal of some recently agreed financial support.

OSCR rightly reviewed these allegations and we fully cooperated with their enquiries. OSCR has confirmed that there are no matters of regulatory concern.   

Our funding from the Scottish Government remains in place and we are now working to restore the funding recently lost because of these allegations, as we are determined to expand and improve the aftercare service we provide to our vulnerable and deserving clients.

It is a matter of deep regret to us that needless anxiety and uncertainty has been caused to those who matter most – the clients whom we serve.   Throughout this difficult time we have continued to provide our usual services, and we will continue to do so.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support throughout this period.   We are grateful.
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Re: Luke Mitchell Theories
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This thread is very interesting and without repeating too much what others have already said, I would like to add that the number of 'eyebrow raising' coincidences about Luke Mitchell, none of which had believable explanations was astounding. He must certainly be the unluckiest person on the planet if he's innocent.

Firstly, the speaking clock hogwash. The last time I phoned this was in 1978 and I didn't even know it still existed until this case. Regardless, claiming to have phoned the speaking clock when you are in a house when the exact time can be seen on laptops, clocks and TV news channels is laughable. Not only that, WHO phones speaking clocks in the middle of cooking? Right, I better watch these pies don't burn and make sure the spuds aren't too hard......oh wait I better phone the speaking clock!! It has been claimed by S.Lean that LM phoned this speaking clock habitually.......there was NO EVIDENCE provided in Court of previous calls to this, none, zero, nada. Thus it would not be unreasonable to assume he was NOT in the habit of phoning it. This alibi of 'being at home cooking dinner' also sounds laughable. It doesn't even sound credible, it sounds like the worst excuse you could make up for not being outdoors. That's why Shane changed his statement, he was told to invent the 'cooking dinner' fable by Corrine. A load of utter HOGWASH. The reason LM phoned the speaking clock could be deduced by an 8 year old.......... he  was OUTDOORS and in a place where there were no clocks, shops or people where he could check the time. He was in the woods and needed to know exactly when Jodi would arrive.

Now, onto what makes LM the unluckiest man on the planet.........the odds of all these having an innocent explanation would be into millions.

1. Jodi went missing and was killed when she was on the way to meet HIM, not when she was going anywhere else. Isn't that strange.
2. Mitchell owned a knife but after the murder, his knife 'just happened' to be MISSING.
3. Mitchell made no attempt to find out where Jodi was the whole night after she apparently failed to appear, despite the fact he KNEW she was not allowed to walk up that path alone. That factor proves those who say 'oh he was 14 and maybe didn't bother' are just deluding themselves.
4. The 2 young people seen at the Easthouses end of the path were Mitchell and Jodi. To suggest the Police would not have traced those 2 if it was NOT them, in a town with a population half the size of Castlemilk in Glasgow is laughable. More so after 16 years, they still haven't been traced.
5. Any criminologist would state that due to the nature of this murder, the perpetrator would be highly likely to strike again. There's been no similar murders in that area or even in Scotland since this one. How coincidental. Remember the Bible John murders stopped for 18 months? They stopped at the same time Peter Tobin was in jail. Mitchell has been in jail for 16 years which is why no similar murders have occurred (obvious).
6. Mitchell told a witness 'Jodi would not be coming out tonight' after the time of the murder, despite not apparently knowing where she was.
7. A discarded knife was found years later not too far from where the murder was which had the name 'Luke' inscribed on it. What a strange coincidence that the only knife found up until then just happened to have that not particularly common name on it.
8. Mitchell's knife pouch had 666 scrawled on it with that message about Jodi. That in itself speaks volumes.
9. Corrine bought him another knife (despite being a suspect) to replace the missing one.
10. Corrine assisted him to attend a tattoo parlour knowing he had fake ID and was under age, to have a Satanic tattoo done, a skull with flames shooting out of it. She also pointed to it and said.....'that's him' !!
11. A paramedic who attended the murder scene stated in Court that Mitchell was the only person present who was not upset. He was sitting texting on his phone looking perfectly calm.
12. Mitchell has never shown any emotion in 16 years, not even a shout on the way in and out of Court proclaiming he's innocent.
13. He was described by one Appeal Judge as 'an unsympathetic individual'. Assumably because he's sat there looking unperturbed or unfazed every time and never expressed an ounce of emotion.
14. Mitchell demanded Satanic books be sent to him in Shotts Prison in 2014.

I've read SL's book and yes there were issues with the Police investigation, but the amount of circumstantial evidence against Mitchell is overwhelming. That's why a 6 week trial took a Jury only a few hours to reach a verdict. I would also like to vote the alibi of 'at home cooking dinner' as the cheesiest most laughable pile of hogwash ever produced for an alibi. It's the sort of excuse that would produce raucous laughter at a stage show. Woeful attempt.

All of the above points to 1 thing only, which is why all appeals were refused.
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