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Joćo Cipriano: "I did not commit any crime. I know Joana is alive."

Published on 11 Mar 2019

Joćo Cipriano, the uncle of Joana, convicted of the murder of the minor in 2006. Joćo Cipriano is now on parole and says he will reopen the case due to new evidence.

15 years after being convicted of the murder of his niece Joana, Joćo Cipriano left, around 9 am Monday, March 11, on parole at the Carregueira Prison in Sintra. On leaving the prison he said he was " innocent ". "I did not commit any crime. Not even touched her with a finger. "Said the Impala News Portal .

Leonor Cipriano, the mother, and Joćo Cipriano, the uncle of Joana, who pleaded guilty during the trial of the murder of Joana - the child who disappeared on September 12, 2004 in the village of Figueira, in  Portimćo - now claim to be innocent. At that time, the child, whose body was never found, was eight years old.

"I know my niece is alive. I will do everything to get her back, "says Joćo Cipriano

The mother and the child's uncle were eventually arrested in the same month that Joana disappeared. During the trial, Joćo Cipriano confessed to having beaten the child to death with the complicity of his sister, who was freed from Odemira prison in February this year. The uncle admitted that he dismembered Joana and hid her body in a freezer. The remains were thereafter fed to the pigs. "I did not hurt her, I just killed her," the defendant said in court. Now, Joćo Cipriano tells our website that "he never said that."

Joćo Cipriano outside the Carregueira Prison, in Sintra.

The ex-inmate also reveals that since they were both incarcerated, he didn't have contact with Leonor Cipriano. "My sister has not spoken to me since we were arrested. I did not want to talk to her any more."

Manuel Mendes Ferreira, Joćo Cipriano's new lawyer.

In the presence of his new lawyer, Manuel Mendes Ferreira, Joćo Cipriano announces that he will return to court to reopen the case and prove his innocence. There will be new evidence presented, "I'm going with my lawyer to reopen the case. I want the truth to come out." Speaking to our reporter, the lawyer, who represents the former prisoner since February of this year, confirms that the case will be reopened due to new facts that he can not disclose for now.

He then points out that Joćo Cipriano told him that he loved his niece and assured him "that it had nothing to do with the practice of referenced crimes". In 2013, the Court of Portimćo stated that Joćo Cipriano showed lack of empathy for the victim when he asked to go on probation halfway through the sentence in the Easter season. Regarding these allegations, Manuel Mendes Ferreira says that his client had a picture of Joana in his locker in the prison and that this is "significant", unless Joćo Cipriano is "a big pretender and a fraud". The lawyer also points out that Joana's uncle has been convicted of the "conviction" of public opinion that he was guilty and "not for the truth."

The reason he confessed to the murder was because he "allegedly took some pressure" from the authorities, says the legal representative. This is the same version told by Leonor Cipriano, when also released from prison in February this year.

During the 14½ years that he was imprisoned, Joćo Cipriano had some sanctions while in prison. The victim's uncle tells our site that he never had "problems with anyone," but nevertheless confesses that he was sentenced three or four times to sanctions in jail because of bad behavior. Joćo Cipriano devalues ​​these punishments: "That was things inside. Does not matter".

About the time he spent in Carregueira, he says that he was always working and studying, having completed fourth grade. Now the ex-prisoner, who is on parole and will have to appear regularly to the authorities until 2022, wants to start a new life in Silves at his aunt and mother's house "to work in the works and the countryside".
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Re: Joćo Cipriano claims to have not laid a finger on his niece Joana.
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How long before he's back to his thuggish ways and banged up again?  And why now has this lawyer taken an interest, where was he these last 15 years?

Everybody has read the note which was passed to Joćo Cipriano by Joana's mother while both were in prison so it will need to be pretty strong new evidence if it's going to overturn their original convictions. Joana's uncle led police a merry dance days after she disappeared claiming her remains were here there and everywhere. They've both had 15 years and more to concoct some new tale about what happened to Joana but as their credibility is long lost I wouldn't hold my breath in anything happening any time soon.
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De troothe has the annoying habit of coming to the surface just when you least expect it!!

Je ne regrette rien!!