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Re: 'Clear The Ground Beneath Your Feet'...
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I've just checked MO's wit stat and the niece's rog:

- MO claims after leaving 5B for the morning activities he returned 1.30 pm - 2.00 pm to put GO down for a nap.  He then left 2.15 pm - 2.30 pm to call on ROB for the sailing.  Post sailing they played tennis and headed back to their respective apartments around 7 pm.

- PF's niece claims she arrived at 5G around 11 pm/midday and they left for fish restaurant by around midday as it fills quickly.  They returned at around 3.30 pm and sat on PF's balcony until they deaparted 6.00 pm/6.30 pm.

So based on the above timelines the niece was not at 5G at a time MO was at 5B on 3rd May.

The niece claims she arrived in Portugal on Sat 28th Apr and visited her aunt on Sun 29th Apr and Thu 3rd May and on both occasions she took her aunt out to lunch.   On Tue 1st May she makes mention it was her birthday but she does not mention how she spent the day or visiting her aunt on this day.

PF only mentions her niece visiting on the morning of 3rd May.  She does not mention going out to lunch or an extended stay into early evening or the niece's husband accompanying her.

Is any of this significant? 
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Re: 'Clear The Ground Beneath Your Feet'...
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Carol Tranmer wasn't really sure about the days or times in my opinon. Her description sounds like Matthew or Russell to me.

According to Rachael she and Jane played tennis until 3pm on 3rd. Their husbands were together on the balcony of either 5B or 5D. Which suggests to me that they were the men seen by Jayne Jensen, although she thought it was the balcony of 5C.

CT'Well, I am certain that we were on the terrace between 3:00/3:30 until 5:30 on Thursday afternoon...

CT'Humm... he was blonde, with a lot of hair, very short, not like mine but a little more, humm... but not like a footballer, do you know what I mean' A style close to shaven. Very short, blonde, the head was very sculptured. The shape of the head was very sculptured, more oval shaped...

CT'And, humm... then I believe I saw him wearing a blue-grey T-shirt, it was not dark blue, more of a pallid colour and it was, humm... a type of blue with short sleeves, humm... but I did not see anything below, I did not see the trousers or shoes or anything else, only the top part and he would have, I would say'humm, when looking from above, he was not short, I would say he was about a 1'78, about medium height. He was not thing nor was he muscular. So he was of average stature. I would say he was European but not Portuguese. He was not dark and, he was not short, but I would say that he looked Scandinavian if you will, because he was very light and could have been British or Scandinavian...

CT'No, it went up to the neck and had sleeves, short sleeves, but not straps, of this type, just short sleeves.

Matt's T-shirt looks white on the Paraiso film, but otherwise it matches CT's description.
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