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Roy & Linda
« on: March 22, 2020, 11:54:03 AM »
Hi All,

Thank you for accepting me to your group.

My name is Roy Reeve. Linda & I have been married for 44yrs. I am an Army Ex-Warrant Officer with impeccable service & CV for background.

Time now is valuable.

Please Google Linda Reeve Hit & Run as only the roots to this serious matters. 6mths in hospital/18hrs surgery and more yet to come. Life changing injuries and will never walk. Very fortunate to have her around  today...well, you would think so.

We led a comfortable life and had a 4bed det home of 15yrs with earned savings, pensions and retirement funds.

As my role as Procurement & Supply Chain cost reductions & savings expert I was able to bring massive benefits to all 4 sectors in particular both public & charity sectors. I enjoyed what I did as so many others could achieve more. I promise, I have given much back since joining the Army at 15 from a broken home.

We really have found ourselves, against all the odds in a world that we never knew existed despite my experiences of an organisation Turnaround Specialist.

I promise, we are good law-abiding people. Never committed any criminality in my life just caught those who have throughout.

It is hoped that this may also (of course) be of some benefit to others.

When finished you will see the results of their collective criminality and covering up at our life expenses which may now take our lives. Please bare with me until the end as may be interrupted to look after Linda given our dire situation we have been forced into but also, I want you all to gain any benefits from this as possible.

I never lie or deceived or exaggerated as no point to in life. What you see is what you get. This is now, as you will observe, will take our lives. Good lives.

I will conclude and then you can deal with this matter as you feel fit.

Lessons must be learnt. The legal system is open like a bottomless sieve for wrongful convictions. Justice, is not so much being served but manipulated by likeminded associates to desired outcomes.

The processes adopted should be more open & transparent buf left intentionally not to direct matters  to chosen ways to protect themselves and each other.

As you will see, relationships between parties are self serving controls against the most naive (such as me) abusing trust every day.

Everything I say is fully documented throughout.


Every utterance of abuses, corrupt & criminality by police (many Forces) and courts etc is fully documented throughout in their own word's and actions that damns them not mine not mine. This goes to the top.

A simple fit up gone drastically wrong. An harassment charge that wasn't.

Through this (with thoughtless unintended consequences BUT knowingly continuing) we have been forced into hiding and worse. Reduced to living in a car hounded and menaced now for over a year plus.

Not wanting to be over dramatic (which I never am) you can actually watch them doing all of this throughout from inception to today by every party involved captured as I say, in their own word's and actions that damns them not mine.

The many injustices and abuses carried out by those who are there to protecr & serve us. Reality v Perceptions.

We are learning and open to learn more. That is all. To hopefully, add value where possible to others, something, I do. Give back.

Watch where this has left us today.

All named & shamed.

You can watch:

1. Personal Injury lawyers defrauding high value claim (£1.7m+).

2. They then getting a favour from CC Ian Hopkins to ruin me before I ruin them.

3. Using Elizabeth Jenkins NW-CPS (lawyer) to conduct the affairs. As you will see, breaking all their own test rules to prosecute to protect fraternity legal colleagues.

4. Them actually setting- up as if on CCTV (your put in their system and not much you can do about it at the time) but you know it is a set-up.

5. A police home visit then they deny they came.

6. They know the system, we are just learning but quickly. I know, of course no criminality has ever been committed by me or my good lady wife. We are aware of who is involved and why. They have a lot to lose.

7. The set up explained next. In the next 4wks they were expecting (to be enticed & drawn into) committing the criminal offences of either harassment or sending malicious communications.

8. They even ignored an official complaint in knowing and anticipating an arrest would be forthcoming given the immense amount of encouragement & heightening of tensions they do all the time.

9. It didn't happen so in the end they enticed more but still had to push further and arrested me at 7.30pm on 13 Dec 16. Leaving Linda without any help and at risk.

10. On arrival they would not say what the charges were or even reasons for arrest. Bailed to return on 18 Dec listing many of Linda's lawyers etc not to contact as if they had all complained (across the UK) which is absurd.

11. On 18th, they interviewed me but mainly discussing Lesely Ann Graves who I had never met but only sent one email to her as the MD of her new (but now collapsed company, Citadel Law Ltd, 4th in as many years, failed partner of Irvin Mitchell with a history, as learnt since, wrongfully accusing others and today posing only on another firms site to give her a gap in her career. Lawyers protecting lawyers).

12. Others who were involved cannot raise their own heads above the parapet as suing me would only result on all this fully documented captured evidences held against them all. They are using an outsider to do their dirty work for them.

13. We did a lot of homework on legal, courts & police processes & rules. Anticipating what possible charges they could be. We thought malicious communications at best but then even that would mean to be made up/created/fabricated etc.

14. They have of course already committed many offences from wrongful arrest and much more. They also knew (which we didn't at the time) there will be no legal support available because of who is involved- other lawyers. It truly is a Lawyers Club.

15. They were intent to convict me at any cost by any means to protect their lawyers colleagues and so much more. Many high-profile police & lawyers including 2 Orthopaedic Consultants, Dr. Sanjay Ravi & Dr Winston Kim + will be totally ruined if this now fails and gets into the press. In turn, if they suceed we will no totally ruined and worse.

16. They knew me well enough that if given any time to understand any process or rules that I would dismantle their ambitions and they, collectively would  be destroyed so they kept everything back including the actual charge or complaintant would be to the very last moments.

17. They bailed again to 30 Jan 17. This time other complainants (and any evidences) in the period of just 5 days (13 Dec 16 to 18 Dec 16) now vanished.

18. On 30 Jan 17 they charged me (absurdly) with harassment of Lesely Ann Graves a person I have never met and only sent one direct email to her (17 Oct 16) in her role of M.D. relating to Peter Keith Carson (a consultant now) who was Linda's first lawyer employed by Slater & Gordon caught red-handed committing serious criminality in defrauding high value claim that they all scuppered to protect themselves and each other leaving her without any compensation award to pay for her life time care & support.

Caught red-handed.

Giving just little time to learn.

19. They took me to the hearing designed intentionally to be on Linda's birthday 06 Feb 16) to add pressure some 6+wks after being charged (13 Dec 16) and 4wks (16 Nov 16) since they embarked on this malicious scheming in the first instance.

20. There (found later) no complainants, no evidences & no investigations carried out. Further, in chosen in advance:

-- the volunteer accuser Lesely Ann Graves (a lawyer I have never met  and only one who was not involved Linda's claim that they illegally scuppered to protect themselves and each other leaving her without any compensation award).

-- the type of charge that they can control throughout the process. Magistrates Only.

- the type of court being used being the Magistrates Court. Local relationships without jury.

21. I knew enough (given also my military experience in military type hearings and what we learn of legal systems & processes that they anticipated I would plea not guilty and given also, they were not going to fail now.

22. They are ready to hear it on the day as the summary evidences are not provided until the morning of the hearing and as the elements of the charge will be that 'somthing that I would know'

22. No time to even employ legal representation and when tried turned me down.

22. The evidences (this time) by a duty solicitor who was eagerly awaiting my arrival. She would only allow me to hear her read parts out loud and not give a copy. Adviing, it is so bad, so heinous that as a criminal lawyer she would not defend it. I knew it was illegal and no criminality has ever been committed by me.

23. Giving just 15mins (rushing) to decide a plea before being led into the lions den my thoughts were only to decide what is the best course to take.

24. I have not seen the evidences. I knew this was a set up, they have not come this far to fail, I knew they could (will hear next, if plead not guilty, they were all in on it, no criminality has ever been committed by me, if they get this wrongful convictions then of course there will be more to come to protect themselves and each other however, I also knew that I can change my plea before any sentencing hearing, that they would (must) adjourn for reports and in that time they must provide me with the evidences against me and buy the time needed to turn this around.

25. What happens next will surprise them set us on  a destructive path which will now possibly take our lives, bring many other forces Chief Constables and many other police to commit further corrupt criminality and covering up at our life expenses.

Taking a small break.

Kind regards,

Roy & Linda

Twitter: R5085Roy

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Re: Roy & Linda
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A very warm welcome to the forum Roy.  I have seen it from both sides and believe you me it is scary.

Hope to hear lots more from you.

Senior Editor.
A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposť of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
Indeed, the truth never changes with the passage of time.

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Re: Roy & Linda
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Hello John,

Pleased to meet you.

It seems I don't understand the word 'short'. Intro. Sorry.

I can continue here or elsewhere?

I look forward to adding value in anyway I can.

Best wishes


Ps. Learning this too.

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Re: Roy & Linda
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It seems that I could have written your signature too as you will see.

However, surviving this is going to be the challenge