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Re: Is The Tory Party Institutionally Racist....
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Yet more evidence that racism is a good thing.
Racism is not a good thing, but then neither is the labelling of any sensible, precautionary action as racist by hand-wringing sanctimonious (usually white middle class) finger-pointers, as this can sometimes cause just as much harm to the recipient of such slurs as racist behaviour itself.  Common sense must prevail no matter what. 
“we have carried out a very serious investigation and there is no indication whatsoever Madeleine McCann's parents are linked to her disappearance” - Hans Christian Wolters, German Prosecutor..

“Conspiracy theories exhibit a strong obsession with detail, often taking the form of highlighting a tiny piece of evidence and blowing it up out of all proportion, buttressing their claims with a display of pseudo-scholarship.  When they examine the real evidence, conspiracy theorists do not accept that minor inconsistencies come from mistakes in reporting.” Sir Richard J Evans, author and historian

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Re: Is The Tory Party Institutionally Racist....
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A security guard who was working on the night of the Manchester Arena attack has told an inquiry he did not raise the alarm about Salman Abedi because he was scared of being "branded a racist”.  How many lives might he have saved had he not been afraid, if he’s been a “racist”?

This is the whole point. if you point out crimes are being committed by people with  black skin  they are being singled out and victimized, if you point out white people are committing crime... oh nothing.  Many areas in this country are a no go area for police as it may 'upset' some people ad interfere with their  kul choor, which seems to trump our culture and laws. Funny that then complain  about that as well.
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