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Urs Hans Von Aesch
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7th August 2007

Daily Mail

Madeleine: Police to show her parents picture of child snatcher suspect who killed himself

Detectives investigating the possibility that Madeleine was taken by a child snatcher who later killed himself are to show her parents a photograph of the dead suspect.

Urs Von Aesch, 67, shot himself in the head and was the prime suspect in the disappearance of five-year-old Swiss girl Ylenia Lenhard, who went missing last week.

The links between Ylenia and Madeleine are striking - they are only a year apart in age, both are blonde and both are of a similar build and height.

It was reported in the Swiss press that detectives in Portugal are to show his photograph to Kate and Gerry McCann after it emerged Von Aesch was on holiday in the Algarve at the beginning of May, when their daughter was snatched.

Police also believe another man, who was earlier gunned down by Von Aesch, could hold the key to solving the mystery.

Detectives are keeping a vigil by the hospital bed of the shot man, hoping he was about to blow the whistle on the child abductor before he was gunned down.

Through Interpol, Swiss police informed colleagues in Spain and Portugal after learning that Von Aesch lived near Alicante and was also on holiday in the Algarve when Madeleine disappeared.

Officers in St Gallen in central Switzerland close to where Ylenia disappeared, have also re-opened files on five other girls who disappeared in the area before Von Aesch moved to Benimantell on the Spanish coast.

His wife who is still in Spain has been questioned by detectives and they are also checking the movements of his Spanish registered white Renault van.

Hans Peter Eugster, a Swiss police spokesman, said: "Because of the similarities in both cases and because Von Aesch lived in Spain we have informed Interpol.

"They in turn have passed on the details to both colleagues in Spain and Portugal and they are looking into reports that Von Aesch was on holiday in the Algarve.

"In our case he is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Ylenia and his body was found near to where some of her belongings were found."

Ylenia was last seen a week ago after she went to her local swimming pool at Appenzell in north east Switzerland.

Hours later a backpack was found in nearby woods at Oberburen which contained her cycling helmet and her scooter was also recovered close by.

Twenty-four hours later in the same woods police discovered the body of Von Aesch who had died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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7th August 2007

The Times

Paedophile suicide in new Madeleine link

A paedophile who was on holiday in the Algarve at the time that Madeleine McCann was taken from her bed has been found dead after abducting a 5-year-old girl.

Urs Hans Von Aesch killed himself in a Swiss forest close to the belongings of Ylenia Lenhard, who is still missing a week after she disappeared.

Portuguese detectives have been told of similarities between the abductions of Madeleine and Ylenia, who look remarkably similar. They have also been informed that Von Aesch, who lived in Spain, was thought to have been close to Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared 96 days ago.

The development came as Portuguese police found traces of blood in the bedroom where Madeleine had been sleeping with her 2-year-old brother and sister, Sean and Amelie. Tiny specks of blood were discovered on a wall by a sniffer dog that was taken to Portugal by British police. The blood has been sent for DNA analysis.

Von Aesch, 67, is regarded by Swiss police as the key suspect in the abduction of Ylenia, who disappeared while walking to a swimming pool in the northeast of the country on Tuesday last week. The girl's neatly folded clothing, packed in her backpack, was discovered in a forest 20 miles (32km) from where she was abducted, suggesting that she was left naked. Von Aesch shot and injured a 46-year-old man in the same forest before killing himself on Tuesday last week.

Hans Peter Eugster, a Swiss police spokesman, said: "Because of the similarities in the case and because Von Aesch lived in Spain, we have informed Interpol. They in turn have passed on details of colleagues in Spain and Portugal and they are looking at reports that Von Aesch was on holiday in the Algarve."

Bruno Fehr, the chief of St Gallen state criminal police, said that the search for Ylenia continued yesterday with about 120 officers, dogs and an army helicopter. "We haven't given up hope," Mr Fehr said. "But we have to expect the worst now."

Von Aesch, who had lived with his Spanish wife in the town of Benimantel for ten years, drove a white van similar to one that was seen outside the McCanns' apartment on the Ocean Club resort when she disappeared.

A Portuguese police team led by two British officers has finished a second search of the home and garden of the only official suspect in the case, Robert Murat. Tuck Price, a spokesman for the Murat family, said that the police had not discovered anything of interest while searching the villa, which is 100 yards away from the McCanns' holiday apartment.

Mr Murat, 33, has insisted that he was at home with his mother, Jennifer, on the night that Madeleine went missing. Mrs Murat, 71, said: "He's going to be cleared, he is innocent."

Yesterday police removed a number of vehicles including Mr Murat's car, his mother's camper van and a van belonging to the Ocean Club resort for tests by forensic science experts. Portuguese and British police have also been monitoring a British tourist who was on holiday at the Ocean Club resort when Madeleine disappeared. The man, who has since returned to Britain, is under suspicion because of contraditions in witness statements that he gave to police.

A source close to the Portuguese police investigation said: "Murat was not the only person in the frame. Another man has been under surveillance for a period of time but has no idea that he is being watched."

Until now the strongest evidence provided to police has come from Jane Tanner, a friend who was on holiday with Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, and her partner, Russell O'Brien. Miss Tanner, 36, from Exeter, said she saw a man walking away from the McCann's appartment carrying a girl. Detectives are attempting to discover if this was the same man who was seen carrying a child towards the beach.

Martin Smith, from Ireland, said that the man was not Mr Murat, whom he has known for a number of years. Police have asked an oceanographer to calculate what would have happened to a body thrown in to the sea on the night Madeleine was taken.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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6th September  2007


'My husband is not a paedophile', claims Ylenia suspect's widow

By: Samantha Kett, thinkSPAINtoday
Thursday, September 6, 2007

A suspected paedophile who killed himself after allegedly kidnapping a five-year-old girl is 'innocent', claims his widow. Vreni Von Aesch, whose husband Urs Hans is thought to be behind the disappearance of Ylenia Lenhard in Switzerland, has finally spoken out. She says 'lots of lies' have been published in the media and that her husband is 'not a paedophile'. Her husband was polite, friendly, sociable and big-hearted, Vreni reveals.

However, she has hinted that he may have been suicidal. Vreni explains her husband had 'changed considerably' in the last three or four years and often said he did not want to live, particularly when he was ill or in pain. Urs Hans was 'afraid of getting old', often ill and suffered persistent headaches.

His wife heard the news of his death via her sister in Switzerland, who telephoned to say Urs had said goodbye to her. At the same time Vreni received a text message from Urs on their landline, but in German which, when read out by the automated voice service in Spanish, made no sense, she continues.

Resident in Benimantell, near Guadalest, for more than seven years, Vreni explains her husband had returned to Switzerland for the summer because he found the Spanish heat, crowds of tourists and traffic jams unbearable. Vreni reveals that her husband was staying with her mother and sister at their house in Zétzwil.

She travelled to Switzerland on August 5, four days after her husband's death and was horrified to see that the news on Swiss televisión had linked his demise with the disappearance of little Ylenia.

The grieving widow also reveals that her husband was carrying a gun because he often went rabbit-hunting.

According to Vreni, her husband did not know the missing child and "nobody who knows my husband believes he did it.

"All the villagers are very kind, they are all worried, including the mayor."

Concerning recent theories that Urs Hans may have been involved in the disappearance of British three-year-old, Madeleine McCann, Vreni categorically denies that her husband was in Praia da Luz, southern Portugal, on the day of the child's disappearance from the family's holiday apartment.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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19th September 2007

Body of kidnap girl is found  

By Ian Sparks

THE body of a missing five-year-old girl whose abduction was linked to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been discovered in a forest in Switzerland.

Ylenia Llenard was snatched from a public swimming pool in the Swiss town of Appenzell on July 31.

After she vanished, Ylenia's photo was shown to Kate and Gerry McCann as police across Europe probed links between the two cases.

Her suspected abductor was 67-year-old Swiss man Urs Von Aesch, whose dead body was found on the day she disappeared.

It was discovered close to where Ylenia's body has just been found.

Police believe the child's body had been dug up by wild animals.

Von Aesch is thought to have shot a man who challenged him in the woods shortly after he buried the girl, then turned the gun on himself.

Police later discovered he had been on holiday close to the McCanns in the Algarve when Madeleine disappeared at the beginning of May.

Swiss police said at the time they were probing the possibility that he had abducted Madeleine and driven her to Switzerland.

A Swiss police spokesman said: "Von Aesch had been on holiday in the Algarve when Madeleine McCann disappeared.

"We could obviously not ignore the possibility that he had abducted her too." He added that all the relevant information would be passed on to detectives in Portugal.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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24th May 2013

Daily Mail

Was Maddie snatched by monster who killed this little lookalike?

That's the dramatic new lead uncovered by British detectives so why are the Portuguese refusing to investigate? 

Scotland Yard detectives have a list of 30 potential suspects
One of them is peadophile and child murderer Urs Hans von Aesch who killed himself in woodland
Von Aesch murdered five-year-old only five months after Maddie disappeared
But Portuguese police STILL dragging heels over investigation
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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26th May 2013

Madeleine McCann: Monster who killed lookalike is linked by police

Urs Hans von Aesch shot himself dead after poisoning and ­abusing Ylenia Lenhard, who resembled Maddie.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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28th May 2013

  Daily Star

Maddie suspects named by police
THREE paedophiles thought to have been in Portugal when Madeleine McCann vanished are on a list of suspects drawn up by British police.

One is thought to have killed a girl in his native Switzerland two months after Madeleine disappeared.

Urs Hans von Aesch, 67, suspected of poisoning and abusing Ylenia Lenhard, five, who resembled Maddie, shot himself dead in 2007.

Interpol twice contacted Portuguese police about him but they did not act.

Officers from Scotland Yard's Operation Grange, who have spent two years reviewing the police probe, say von Aesch is one of a number of "persons of interest" who should be investigated.

They have established he had been living in Spain with his wife. Border records show he re-entered Switzerland on July 10, 2007, in a white van which he used to abduct Ylenia.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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2nd June 2013
The People

Maddie list killer 'clear'

Patrick Hill
Jun 2, 2013

A KILLER paedo on the list of Madeleine McCann abduction suspects has been ruled out by cops, his widow has claimed.

Swiss Urs Hans von Aesch is one of 20 new names listed by officers from Scotland Yard's Operation Grange.

They focused on him because he was living nearby in Spain when the three year old vanished in Portugal in May 2007.

But widow Vreni von Aesch said: "It's been proved that he was nothing to do with Madeleine."

Von Aesch shot himself, aged 67, after murdering five-year-old Ylenia Lenhard in Switzerland.

It happened two months after Madeleine was snatched from a Praia da Luz flat as parents Kate, 45, and Gerry, 44, dined out.
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Re: Urs Hans Von Aesch
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8th July 2013

Daily Star

Portuguese cops block new Brit probe for Madeleine McCann

A NEW police hunt for Madeleine McCann has has been snubbed by the Portuguese.

The country's Attorney General has warned that UK detectives had no right to question, arrest or interview anyone there.

Joana Marques Vidal's spokesman said Brit police could only monitor the work of Portuguese officers acting on their behalf.

Pedro do Carmo, deputy national director of Portugal's detective unit, said its officers would assist the Brit inquiry but would only carry out their duties to the strict letter of the law.

The snub is one of three blows to the Scotland Yard inquiry.

It was also revealed the UK Government plans to stop co-operating with Europe's cross-border policing body Europol.

Thirdly, it was reported yesterday that Portuguese authorities had denied Brit police access to forensic evidence. It was gathered from the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz from where Madeleine disappeared in 2007.

Scotland Yard officers believe samples from clothing, windows, bed linen and furniture could still hold DNA traces.

But it was claimed Crown Prosecution Service lawyers are being forced to submit a formal request for the evidence which will delay the investigation.

Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood, leading the operation, said: "We, and the Portuguese authorities, remain committed to finding out what happened to Madeleine and everything we do is utterly focused on her best interests."

Yesterday a Swiss newspaper reported police in St Gallen had told Brit detectives they could find no link between paedophile killer Urs Hans von Aesch, 67, and Madeleine's disappearance.
Two months after Madeleine vanished he shot himself dead after he had abused and poisoned to death five-year-old Ylenia Lenhard.
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