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The Mystery Middle-Aged Couple
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19th May 2013

Daily Express

By James Murray

Mystery couple seen going into McCanns’ flat on night before sobbing Madeleine disappeared

SCOTLAND YARD detectives are trying to find a middle-aged couple said to have entered Madeleine McCann’s holiday apartment to comfort her because she was crying, we can reveal today.

It is believed they entered the bedroom on May 2, 2007, the evening before Madeleine disappeared from the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve.

The tip-off was given by two key witnesses who were reinterviewed as part of the Yard’s two-year, £4.5million  investigation.

It is already known that Pamela Fenn, who lived directly above apartment 5a, heard a child, believed to be Madeleine, crying for about an hour on the evening of May 2.

She was so concerned she rang a friend in the village to ask what to do and considered ringing Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria.

At the time, Madeleine’s mother Kate and father Gerry were dining with friends at a tapas bar some 50 yards from the apartment.

A source said: “Police were astonished when this new information came to light. Officers spoke to other key witnesses to discover more about the middle-aged couple.

“Apparently they were concerned about the crying and went to see if they could comfort the girl.”

Pamela Fenn has since died, so police have been speaking to other people who were staying in the same apartments.

Our revelation comes as Scotland Yard detectives say there are potentially 20 suspects they want to speak to. Retiring Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, head of the Yard’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command, urged Portuguese authorities to investigate the new leads.

He said: “There are a lot of people of interest. There are people who could be properly explored further, if only to be eliminated.”

Scotland Yard officers have been interviewing witnesses here for months, although the public prosecutor in Portugal has decided against reopening the investigation.

Despite claims of a “Mexican stand off” between Portuguese police and Yard officers, the Sunday Express understands there is in fact very good co-operation between both squads.

Pedro de Carmo, deputy national leader of the PJ, said yesterday: “We still co-operate with their team. There are good communications.”

Portuguese officers are very impressed with the diligence of the Met investigation and have been impressed with their interviews with witnesses in Britain.

We can confirm that a couple staying in the same block as apartment 5a were interviewed last February.

They were in their apartment on the night Madeleine vanished. Afterwards they wrote an account of what they saw but were never formally interviewed by Portuguese detectives.

They had been at a restaurant earlier in the evening and left at about 9pm.

On their way home they walked directly past the entrance to the Ocean Club pool, where the “Tapas 7” (the name given to the friends eating with the McCanns on the night Madeleine disappeared) were enjoying the meal with Kate and Gerry.

They walked past apartment 5a but noticed nothing untoward. The woman said in her statement: “I stood on the balcony at about 9.15 with a whisky.

“I saw people eating at the tapas bar and children in the play area. We went to bed at 10pm-ish. We were woken up by our bell ringing at 11.30pm. It was a friend of the McCanns, saying that a little girl had been abducted. The friend asked if we had a computer so they could get the media involved in the search.

“Two police were on the corner of our block, one lady said that off-duty police had come and were searching. We did see single men on mobiles while we were out who could have been police.”

The couple took part in the search for Madeleine and then returned to their apartment.

The woman’s statement continues: “We walked back up towards our apartment, a group had gathered on the corner. The McCanns were in bits, he was crying on the shoulder of a friend. She was screaming: ‘The f*****g b......s have taken her’. Finally, at around 4am, we said: ‘Is it OK if we go to bed?’ We directed this comment towards a man in a white shirt and jeans, who seemed to be authoritative.”

At the couple’s home here, two Yard officers questioned them separately for three hours and got them to sign lengthy statements. They further interviewed them this year to double check their information.

The couple are key because at precisely 9.15pm on May 3, Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, said she left the tapas bar and walked past Gerry, who was talking to holidaymaker Jez Wilkins outside apartment 5a.

Neither Gerry nor Kate said they saw Jane. She reported that she had seen a man carrying a child, believed to be Madeleine, walking across the top of the road.

At the time she had not realised the significance. Officers asked the couple if they saw Jane, Gerry or Jez but they insist they did not.

The Sunday Express has visited the couple’s holiday apartment, which looks over the tapas bar. From its balcony you can see directly into the garden of apartment 5a.

The woman said: “We have one of the best views of the whole block. We are sure of the timings. If we had seen anyone we would have remembered.

“We will continue to answer the Yard’s questions. We have given our fingerprints and DNA. We were happy to assist. They should be left to get on with their inquiries.”
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Re: The Mystery Middle-Aged Couple.
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19th May 2013

Mail on Sunday

by Becky Evans

Did Madeleine McCann abductor stay in same resort?

Investigators probe new leads amid claims couple 'soothed' crying three-year-old before she disappeared

Scotland Yard believed to be tracing holidaymakers at the complex

Met Police detectives conducting a review of the Portuguese inquiry

Sources say investigators also looking for middle-aged couple seen going into the child's room to comfort her as she cried

British detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are probing claims a middle-aged couple 'soothed' the child the evening before she was abducted, it has been reported.

Scotland Yard are also believed to be re-interviewing holidaymakers and staff at the complex where the three-year-old was last seen as part of an ongoing review into her abduction.

They have drawn up a list of suspects, including British cleaners and Portuguese manual workers, who have been identified as 'people of interest' during a review of the inquiry.

Madeleine disappeared in May, 2007, as her parents Gerry and Kate ate dinner with friends about 50 yards away at a tapas bar.

She was left in the family's rented apartment at the resort in Praia de Luz, along with twin siblings Sean and Amelie.
Two witnesses said they saw a middle-aged couple enter the apartment to comfort Madeleine, who was crying, The Sunday Express has reported.

The newspaper quoted a source as saying: 'Apparently they were concerned about the crying and went to see if they could comfort the girl.'

Detectives are now believed to be trying to identify the couple as part of an ongoing review into the case - codenamed Operation Grange.

The investigation is now thought to be focusing on a small number of apartment blocks close to block 5, where the McCann family were staying.

The investigation includes identifying the owners, holidaymakers and those who may have illegally been subletting the flats at the time Madeleine disappeared.

Blocks four and six, which are situated either side of the McCann building, and block two, which is behind their apartment, are the central to the investigation.

There are fears that someone staying in the complex may have been able to watch the family's movements from their flat.
Among those detectives want to speak to are British cleaners and 'low-level' workers, such as handymen and gardeners, The Mail on Sunday learned.
Some are thought to have been employed by the Ocean Club complex on a casual basis and may have already been interviewed.
Police are said to be keen to trace six British cleaners who were working in Praia da Luz when Madeleine vanished and who did not appear in the Portuguese files.
They are said to have used a white van and went from apartment to apartment offering their services, chiefly concentrating on expats.

A British owner of one of the apartments said he had been asked about the cleaners by police from Operation Grange and had been told that blocks five, six, two and four were of particular interest.
He told The Sunday Mirror: 'Every one of the properties they are interested in is right next door to, or on top of, the one where the little girl went missing.

'The officer said the people of interest were located in one of those blocks at the time'.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell, head of Scotland Yard’s Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said this week that he believes Madeleine may still be alive - despite it being five years since her disappearance.

He said: 'You only have to look at the case in Cleveland, Ohio, and the European cases. Of course there is a possibility she is alive. But the key is to investigate the case and, alive or dead, we should be able to try and discern what happened.’
Despite the extraordinary amount of publicity Madeleine's disappearance generated, she has not been seen since May, 2007.
Jane Tanner, who was at the tapas bar with the McCanns, told police she saw a man carrying a child the night Madeleine disappeared.

However, no one has ever been traced.

Detectives examining the Portuguese files were alarmed that the original inquiry had not traced and interviewed all the staff and holidaymakers who were at the Ocean Club when Madeleine went missing.
Last year the Met said that it had identified 195 fresh leads that should have been investigated either by conducting further witness interviews, eliminating suspects or carrying out forensic tests that were missing from the 2007 inquiry.
Officers found unexplained gaps in the investigation timeline and that there had been a complete lack of forensic examination of mobile phone activity in the area on the night Madeleine disappeared.
However, police in Portugal said they would only reopen the case if new evidence came to light.

A spokesman for the McCanns said earlier this week: ‘They have been encouraged from the moment the review started and are now greatly encouraged that police have drawn up a short list of people who they believe are of interest to the inquiry.’
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