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Uncle of Joana released from prison (Easter home leave)
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Uncle of Joana released from prison.

10 April 2015
By Miguel Curado

Joćo Cipriano never confessed to the murder of little Joana.

Sentenced to 16 years and 8 months for the murder of niece. Now enjoys first probation release.

Joćo Cipriano, Joana's uncle who is serving 16 years and 8 months in prison for involvement with his sister Leonor in the girl's murder in 2004, has received his first release on license. He spent Easter in the village of Figueira, in Portimćo, before returning to the jail of Carregueira, in the municipality of Sintra.

Joćo Cipriano fulfilled half his sentence on 23rd September 2013, this date subsequently enabled, in the light of the law, making the possibility of parole. However, as the CM reported in June last year, the Court of Execution of Punishments (TEP) turned down the first appeal by the uncle of Joana, who was eight-years-old when she was killed. At issue was his non acceptance of the crimes, and the fact that he has four disciplinary sanctions as a prison inmate.

However, the CM has found, Joćo Cipriano reappealed to the TEP, and was granted a first probation against his sentence. The freedom was enjoyed over the Easter holidays. Joćo Cipriano was in the village of Figueira, and returned to jail at the end of the day on Sunday, complying with conditions.
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A malicious prosecution for a crime which never existed. An exposé of egregious malfeasance by public officials.
Indeed, the truth never changes with the passage of time.