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Re: Multiple reasons why Sheila Caffell is innocent and Jeremy Bamber is guilty
« Reply #393 on: October 07, 2019, 03:16:28 PM »
Sheila Caffel’s blood spillage bothers me - my first instinct is that she was likely turned or rolled at some point.  My reasoning being that there is something off about the contradictory running/gravity of blood flow/pooling, the angle of her head, the hint of blood staining hidden just under the bible that looks to mirror her nightgown staining, plus her left arm’s rigor mortis positioning looks like it could have been the arm used to turn her.

After having looked at all the new evidence, I still think JB is guilty and would theorise that he over powered her with his weight on her back, at which time her right arm would have been bent under her head or shoulder, whilst he angled the first shot into her neck - thereafter he would have turned her back around, and perhaps the movement of her body and head turning created a temporary surge of blood, gushing down into her armpit area.  (I think if she was not rolled I would have expected the blood flow to have ended up under her head and not on the side of her nightgown).  Also, the trail of blood at the very top of the night gown does not look consistent with the amount of blood in her armpit area - it is as if her head may have temporarily been at an angle, where it poured down but mostly missing the lapel of her gown.  (Also, if the gun, during this manoeuvre, lay on the carpet next to her, it may explain why the silencer got blood inside it).

Also, looking at Neville’s clothes discarded on the chair, I imagine that both the socks and a lot of the blood spatter seen on the carpet around her are more likely his.  (He appears to have woken when June leapt out of bed and was likely shot at, as he dashed out of the room).

We also know of Sheila’s character that she may have lain there frozen in fear, hardly breathing, playing dead.  (Shallow breathing and now lying on her back would have restricted some of the blood flow which would likely have pooled in her throat, mouth etc which would have accounted for it still seeping down her hours later).  Alternatively, I notice that the “first” shot is supposed to have hit her vertebrae and shattering into 14 pieces.  I would imagine, looking at her x-Ray, that there was a good chance of some kind of paralysis caused from the injury to what looks like her atlas and axis vertebrae.

I think JB only realised that the shot had not been fatal when returning later with the gun, now minus silencer, unloaded and possibly wiped down in areas, ready to frame Sheila.  At which point, I think he went downstairs reloaded - shot Sheila one more time -  but this time, without her wriggling, he was able to administer a skin contact shot and a better angle . (This would also explain the newer evidence of the second shot being administered without the silencer attached). 

Thereafter, possibly a little paranoid about the others, he went from victim to victim upstairs using his remaining bullets to ensure that they were definitely dead....which may account for the over use of bullets and why the gun was empty when he finally left it on Sheila’s body.

The only body I think he possibly did not shoot again was Neville Bamber - as by the time he got downstairs he may have realised he had already placed the empty gun or was out of bullets, so instead of reloading he may have heated up say a kitchen implement to check if Neville flinched - the idea possibly also gave him a slight thrill ie. branding him like one of the cattle on the farm and perhaps doing it three times was significant to him - maybe a burn for each of them that he had killed.  (I imagine the twins did not feature in JB’s loathing of the family).

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Re: Multiple reasons why Sheila Caffell is innocent and Jeremy Bamber is guilty
« Reply #394 on: October 16, 2019, 06:20:27 AM »
The alleged phone call from his dad "you sister has got the gun and is going berserk"
If we pretend it is real for a minute.
That clearly means she hasn't shot anyone because the shooter didnt miss once so its not that she is letting off shots in the air she must be waving the gun around only had she been shooting people his dad would have said she is shooting people and would have called the police instead. So here is a woman going crazy waving a gun around and her dad who is bigger and stronger than her wont stop her yet later while shot he fights her. She is going berserk yet later when she starts shooting with no gun experience she never misses a shot.?

If she is waving the guns around and the dad has time to go down to the kitchen to call jeremy how come everyone else died in their rooms why would they have not been grouped around her trying to talk her down or trying to get out of the house. why were they found in their rooms as if someone had suddenly attacked them without warning. Which is impossible if the phone call was real

How did she carry the bullets and were her fingerprints on the casing i assume not? why no bullet grease or GSR on her despite 25 shots.

Even if the silencer was attached and she removed it and put it in the cupboard or it was never attached jeremy claims the blood was wet hours later and she must of shot herself much later while he was outside. The only problem with that is none of the police officers reported hearing a shot. Had they heard a shot they would have recorded it. A late shot would remove all doubt she was the shooter

The gun is in the wrong position for suicide and so people defending him say the police put it like that to frame him. Thats a nice idea with one big problem. At the time the police believed the sister was the killer so had no reason to try to frame her brother. many days after when his ex pointed the finger at him either the police were shit hot on photoshop which hadn't been invented or they took her body back to the house set it up and retook the pictures. Its laughable to claim the police moved the gun by mistake and then took a picture of it in the wrong postition because before anything is touched police take photos
The ex said he had told her he would sneak into the house and then leave and lock the window from the outside. If the window is checked and can be locked in such a manor how would the ex ever know that information unless he had told her when she said he did.

Due to the lack of gsr, pockets and anything on her feet there would be only Two scenarios i can think of

She dresses in clothes and footwear and gets the gun and bullets which she puts in her pockets. She waves it going berserk scaring her father who calls jeremy the kids stay in bed and her mum stays in the bedroom. Following the call he then starts to call the police she then shoots him and beats him without marking her hands or getting his blood on her. meanwhile her mum stays in the bedroom doesn't try to block the door run to the kids or run downstairs. she goes up and in some order shoots her mum and kids. She gets changed into her nightie puts the clothes all away neat and washes her hands cleaning off the gsr. she then sits down and despite being a fantastic shot 23 times tries to shoot herself in the throat not under the chin. The first shot doesn't kill her so she then puts the gun under her chin and kills herself. Then (whilst dead) goes and washes the gsr off her hands before laying back down.

The second option is jeremy who has no issue with stealing from his family breaks in shoots his mother shoots and injuries his father who chases him downstairs fights his father kills him and then goes and kills his sister and her kids he then rides home and sometime later looks up the local police and reports it he then drives slowly to the scene and does not rush the police to enter. He does this for his family's money. The fact he tried to sell his story and nude pictures of his dead sister shows he is a monster

After the police arrest bamber i assume they re search the house. When searching they do not find the clothes she wore or her shoes or slippers covered in blood glass and or sugar.

What worries me is an appeal is heard by a judge i believe who can decide their is not enough evidence and release him. Any jury would discuss it and pick his story full of holes so i hope his appeal is never granted.
The gsr alone should be enough. its impossible to fire a gun and not have gsr on you let alone 25 times

Anyway thats all i have for today.

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Re: Multiple reasons why Sheila Caffell is innocent and Jeremy Bamber is guilty
« Reply #395 on: October 31, 2019, 11:46:02 AM »
Very good points, Number1barber.
The problem with this case is oft percieved to be the lack of hard evidence, or a 'smoking gun', as it were. In fact, I think Jeremy Bamber is the best example of guilty beyond reasonable doubt based largely on circumstantial evidence. It all points to Jeremy being the perpetrator, bar none.
The police bungled the aftermath, assumed Sheila was the guilty party and allowed Jeremy to destroy vital evidence

Regarding your comments about Judges on appeal - Tellingly, after his failed 2002 CCRC review the judges remarked that the more they looked at the facts the more resolutely convinced they were of his guilt.

In my opinion the only chance he has of seeing the light of day as a very old man would be to confess now and show remorse. Then he may possibly see the light of day in 20+ years, on compassionate grounds as a frail octogenarian and Britains longest ever serving prisoner.
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