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Re: Jeremy Corbyn for PM!!
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I think you need to do a little more research... Try reading the Guardian article I quoted where at a Jewish meeting addressed bu Gordon Brown he was applauded when he raised such points... Not all Jews, agree with the illtreatment of the Palestinians... You are woefully ill  informed imo and are just following the hard left's anti Semitic propaganda

I do not need to research more at all. The Guardian has its own agenda. I have never accused ALL Jews of anything ,especially the illtreatment of the Palestinians. SO you can get your facts right. I am not hard left or right wing I merely comment on what I see and read.

What you supporters do not understand is you try and blacken people as a " defence is the best attack" anallergy, however, you all have no argument to base your claims on.By saying that YOU know NOTHING about me, or my family make up.

'Never underestimate the power of stupid people'... George Carlin