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Re: Is Luke Mitchell guilty - your views
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It’s started

In response to Lithium

“Simon Hall admitted his guilt and subsequently took his own life over it, and Sandra still refuses to admit she was wrong.”

Sandra Lean states here:,551.msg452332.html#msg452332
“Wrong again! The details of the confession were never made public. It was never revealed whether Simon Hall had legal representation when making the confession. It was never revealed whether he had been assessed by a psychiatrist or psychologist or what his mental state was in the lead up to the confession - was he in sound mind, fully aware of what he was saying/doing? I can see no reason why those details were not publicly known -- they should have been, in order to confirm that the confession actually fitted the details of the crime and that he was not, for example, suffering some sort of mental breakdown and just saying anything.

Once again, I'm searching for the truth. If the confession contains details that all fit with the crime and it can be shown that he was in sound mind and was fully aware of what he was saying and doing, then it would be reasonable to accept that he did, in fact, commit the murder and managed to conceal that fact for all those years, aided by a bungled police investigation which brought a case lacking the necessary elements of proof (even Keir Starmer admitted that, without the fibre evidence, "the case disappears.")

The above by Sandra Lean has been moved and can now be found here,9986.msg452332.html#msg452332
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