Author Topic: What would you ask in a FOI to OG.  (Read 229 times)

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Re: What would you ask in a FOI to OG.
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Problem is, they haven't exactly been forthcoming previously.
The constraints of data protection gives them a free pass to stonewall just about anything within reason.
If you do manage to compile some decent questions, they will take their sweet time to comply, using all of the statutorily allotted time.

Don't ask for a cite, I do recall it being said that the PJ would only allow OG into the mix on the understanding they do not discuss the case- under PJ rules they have secrecy laws.

The other reasons could be the investigation is still open regardless of having no real line of enquiry. And they may have suspects and do not want to let them know they are being watched closely.

GDPR regs would not apply if SY had to name someone to 'eliminate 'them from enquiries.

I would ask is the 'abduction from the apartment,as described by the parents, still the only theory being investigated
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Re: What would you ask in a FOI to OG.
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1. We, are not prepared to give a running commentary on the case.
2.See 1and 3
3. As long as we have an active line of enquiry we will continues to investigate

What you really mean is they haven't got a baldy clue.
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