Author Topic: Did the police establish personal effects were absent from the house?  (Read 574 times)

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Offline Daisy

To be fair to the police they had no way of verifying one way or the other whether anything was missing or not.  The first time I made a point of checking dad’s room was in the New Year.  I got the impression he’d taken some things with him, though we later found his driving licence and passport were still at home.  My girlfriend joined me on one of my visits home and had a good look around, so she was in a better position to comment on any obvious changes than the police.  In her view:

“The house didn’t look like anyone had lived there for at least a week, maybe more.  I had a good look around the house whilst I was there.  I saw some of Samuel’s clothes hanging in his wardrobe, although the room looked emptier than when I last visited.”
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