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Re: The Old Facebook Forum
« Reply #60 on: July 11, 2018, 05:53:08 PM »
The image from the march album of 2010... Shows Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo with another lady from RioBlush..

Might just be me but.....

RioBlush Follow
RioBlush's CEO (L) & Dr Zenker (R)
Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo and Doctor Sabine Zenker at FACE 2011 in London

Album 25 Mar 2010

Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo added a new photo.
26 September 2011

At Face..

RioBlush Follow
RioBlush's CEO (L) & Dr Zenker (R)
Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo and Doctor Sabine Zenker at FACE 2011 in London

Taken on July 19, 2011
  All rights reserved
This photo is in 1 album
FACE 2011
6 items

This is from Flickr....

How can the facebook image come from an album in March 2010,  when looking at Flickr the event happened July 19th 2011, that was when the photo was apparently taken...

Face 2011 stands for: Facial Aesthetic Conference & Exhibition (FACE) looking for this exhibition I found this article..

The Facial Aesthetic Conference and Exhibition (FACE) is set to open it's doors to all practioners and practice owners starting June 24-26, 2011.

So how can the image be taken after the event according to flickr or before the event according to facebook?

Or Is it just me??

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Re: The Old Facebook Forum
« Reply #61 on: July 11, 2018, 06:10:04 PM »
The images from the facebook account and from the Face 2011 conference differ... Is one photoshopped?? Or both...

The left image is from Face 2011 the right image from the facebook account

Same pose.. Head position is different... On one she has a silver ring on her right hand , on the other it looks gold..
Both of their left arms are in the same position but Alexandra's left arm isn't as long it's like from Alexander's breast bone, that part of the photo has been twisted..

Alexandra hair is different... So is the lady to her right... The lady on the right's pose hasn't changed apart from her head, but I'm thinking she would have had to move her hair because it is different on the facebook image....

So how then did she manage to have the exact same pose?? Her clothing hasn't moved....

Has someone completely made up this lady called "Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo "??

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Re: The Old Facebook Forum
« Reply #62 on: July 12, 2018, 08:17:05 AM »
Just one more image of Alexandra Alvarez de Toledo from flickr..... Image date taken 24th December 2009:

But the sign in the background says Welcome to AMWC 2011...

Now I can't be mistaken with that one...  Rio Blush AMWC Congress 2011 Monaco...

This is really weird....

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Re: The Old Facebook Forum
« Reply #63 on: July 14, 2018, 09:50:07 AM »
I said I was unsure how long the "JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10 facebook Group had been active or visible to everyone....

I have questioned whether or not it was available for everyone to find or whether or not it had a different name originally...  My questioning doesn't appear to be in vain...

Tracy Kirtley
23 December 2010     21:06
so sorry, I started another group as I could not find it on facebook under a search, I have now deleted it and will direct all members to this site. I hope and pray that this lovely young lady is returned to her devistated family soon xxxxxx

Paula Taylor

it is not easy finding this group, i couldn't find it on search either? i found it thru link, im not sure why but can this be looked into, make group public or something as more people searching for Jo the better!!!

Dessiree Llaneza i found it through Sky News, accidently joined a different one too before.

Then someone say:

Mike Blake Wade Not sure why people can't find it under the search, it's currently set to public

Michele Cutler Be a lot better if people didn't have task to join - makes no sense whatsoever and i'm sure people look and don't bother asking to join.

Jacquie Yeates..

Jacquie Yeates this group is fully set to open. it seems facebook doesnt have the features to allow those that havnt been invited to this group, to join it without request. i can assure you that im accepting all requests as soon as im able to.

Jacquie Yeates Ill stress again, when i created this group, it was set to fully OPEN. there's nothing much else i can do, at least the members are doubling each day.

Paula Taylor sorry Mike, just advice. i typed in her name and 2 groups popped up, neither was this one and this one looks like its the official group! also i am in the bristol network so thought it would pop up more so... if it shows public im not sure why then???

* So was this group public from day one???

* Did it have a different name when it was first made, as I have suggested is possible???

* Why has their been links made from skynews to the site??

Day one of the Missing Group is 21st December 2010 16:42... Jacquie Yeates is admin (apparently)

Jacquie Yeates created the group JOANNA YEATES, MISSING SINCE 17/12/10.
21 December 2010    16:42pm

Take a note of the time....

So this "PUBLIC" group as it is called was created then......  The family are all part of this group, except we do not see Mrs Yeates post....  They at one point have 9,000 member plus....  i do not know what the figure actually went to....

My question has to be... who set up the facebook??  I know Jacquie Yeates is supposed to have done, but i am not sure...

We have her as admin.... But there was a time when they all say in the group about losing control of admin, and that Jacquie is no longer admin.... which in itself appears strange...

But I have a theory on that too.....  which I'll post on a different topic.... ( A Case Built on Social Media)

I will say again....

* When was this group made??

* And who made this group??

* What was it originally called??

Remember that Paula taylor had difficulty finding it.... she was posting on the 23rd December 2010

I have another reason to believe that this group wasn't visible from the 21st December 2010...  which I will share on another post...