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Re: Rules are there for a reason!
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Oh Really?

Strange that because neither of them is on duty and neither was on duty when I just signed in

Yet, at least one of YOUR sides (Gunits) posts has vanished.  The one I quote in my last post on here... just vanished

No MODS from our side present.  So just who deleted it?    And why?

That rather destroys the assertions of biased moderating in my opinion. Perhaps people are just noticing when their own posts are moderated and failing to notice that it happens to everyone.

If one of '
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Re: Rules are there for a reason!
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There is no law in this country against libelling the dead, however I received a warning for suggesting that perhaps a (now dececeased) individual should have been a suspect.  Is it against forum rules to libel the dead?  Please clarify.
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