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Moderator Guidelines and Rules.
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:30:33 PM »
Moderator Rules

These guidelines and rules are intended as a guide for all moderators and will be added to and/or amended as necessary.

General conduct:

1. Moderators should lead by example, be respectful of all members, each other, and represent the forum        with integrity and professionalism.
2. Be discreet and maintain confidentiality regarding moderator activities and member information.
3. Consider member feelings before hitting the submit button, both in public forums and in private.
4. Deleting member posts should be done as a last resort, consider editing first and foremost.

Unacceptable behaviour:

Moderators must not...

1. Edit or delete a post made by another moderator, editors or admins.
2. Criticise or verbally attacks other moderators, editors or admins.
2. Post inflammatory, abusive or bad language of any type aimed at other users.
3. Express public criticism of the forum, its admins or owners.
4. Argue persistently with another member resulting in board disruption.

* A breach of any of the above will result in a written warning.
* A second breach will result in a written final warning.
* Any further breach will result in moderating permissions being suspended indefinitely.
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Re: Moderator Guidelines and Rules.
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Very informative and clear. Thank you John. 
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