Author Topic: Other cases where adoptions have gone horribly wrong resulting in murder  (Read 1829 times)

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Offline Nicholas

She went further than that eg suggesting he felt incredibly rejected on many fronts.  How could she possibly know?  Oh and claiming he was sexually promiscuous when there's no evidence for this and even if it was true what is being suggested? 

I think you've gone too far in all honesty.

Imo Holly you need to reign in your online and off line behaviour. Do you not recognise the fact that by doing the bidding for a dangerous psychopath like Jeremy Bamber your behaviour indirectly impacts negatively on the lives of others, like for example innocent people like Kerry Daynes  *&^^&

What people like you do Holly isn't right, you take things too far without thinking about the consequences of your actions.
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Offline sika

Stephanie you have been advised previously to refrain from making comments of a personal nature. 

Kerry Daynes has never met with JB.  A bit like an optician giving an opinion without examining the eyes.  Or a dentist proposing treatment without examining the teeth. Or a heart surgeon making a diagnosis without even examining the heart/patient.  KD's opinion is worthless. 

I also sent emails to two other psychologists who contributed to the docu/dramas: David Holmes and Katherine Ramsland.  The former I spoke with on the phone.  The latter I received an email from.  Both blamed the producers.
Exactly.  So why bother writing to her? 

You know how TV works.  It's all FAKE.