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he wasnt wrong though was he? He said if they accept his plea of manslaughter...and if they had then the trial wouldnt have gone ahead!

My my.... Your a blast from the past...  Made me chuckle seeing your reply..

It's not so much what he said as when it was said... I keep saying Jixy that this case is made up from social media...

I find the man odd to be fair... I know nothing of him and he's built a reputation up from his appearances on TV... The little ITV clips of him only came to my attention because , in a way they are after the fact...  Because I found them when I started writing on here... And he was by this time all over the media..

I assumed he would be interested in this case.... But NO..!!

Question being, why did he even suggest that they might not accept the Manslaughter Plea?? 

This is what I do not understand... we should not have know that information before a trial had taken place..(imo) And of course we all knew about the Manslaughter Plea up until trial and all the way through trial...

Do you know Mark Williams Thomas Jixy... Is that what made you respond...