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Re: Website launched for Mark
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There is quite a lot of evidence on these leads. We will try and give you a sense of some of that here:

1) The map below shows:

a) A list of properties used by Sami over the years.

i) Some were purchased under one of his aliases (e.g. El-Kalyoubi, Alexander).

ii) Some were purchased in the name of a woman, using a power of attorney. Her family describe how she was "in such fear of [Sami] that she... gave him power of attorney" over her financial affairs. Sami secured mortgages in her name without her knowledge, sold the properties without repaying them, and then left the lady laden with the debt.

iii) Some were used as addresses to register aliases with various public bodies without actually purchasing the property. Sami would look for unoccupied houses currently on the market, and then claim that his alias was a tenant there (e.g. Jacob).

All of these properties became virtual bases for credit and benefit fraud. When bailiffs turned up to these properties looking to recover debts they would find that nobody lived there. Sami even registered a car with DVLA at one of the properties to avoid repaying the loan.

Sami would set up redirection agreements with Royal Mail to redirect mail addressed to an alias from the property to his own home.

We have evidence for these activities under 6 aliases, many of which have been linked to his Alexander alias by credit agencies like Experian. We are still looking for evidence in relation to 5 further known aliases.

b) A list of GP surgeries where Sami registered himself under different aliases.

c) A list of schools where Sami enrolled Mark under different aliases as a child.

2) One victim of fraud has described Sami as follows: "He is basically a clever thief and has meticulously planned to make easy money out of a naÔve young girl and me". He alleges that "my signature has been forged on the deeds of trust and the transfer of the mortgage" in order to place his step-daughter's share of the property into Sami's own name without her family realising.

3) In relation to Sami's dating habits, the Judge said this during his summing-up:

"A further piece of police evidence related to text messages that were on Samuel Alexander's phone, relating to some slightly odd messages that you were taken through... You will remember the text message that said things like 'spoil sport', 'sleep tight', 'Why are you blanking me?', 'Night, night, kiss, kiss' and so on. Of course, it is said that it appeared he was sending these sort of text messages or receiving them from various women, young women that he had been in contact through these sites online, which we know he visited as well. But they were not able to locate these subscribers for the these numbers".

"That officer also was able to confirm that on the computer from the computer reports that Samuel Alexander used a variety of profiles when he was online. Even if he used his own name, it would vary from Sami, Sam, or Samuel. Sometimes he used other names like Dave with the Forbidden Affair site, and various other names... another one he went on frequently was called White Label Dating".

"She confirmed, the lady police officer, that throughout the period from April to July 2009 Samuel was regularly connecting onto such sites, and indeed had been using such sites for quite a long time prior to 2009. There were thousands of pieces of contact by him to such sites. One particular email went back to November 2006 to somebody called Irena saying 'You say the sweetest things", and so on'".

"Also one of the numbers that was found on Samuel Alexander's mobile was traced to a man... but he knew absolutely nothing of any contact with that particular phone number. He was the man who apparently sold SIM cards on and thought it was maybe on of those somebody had ended up using to have a phone call on 1 September with Samuel Alexander's phone..."

"The computer expert... said there were various browsing sessions of internet sites between 1 - 4 September on Sami's profile, most of that browsing was on adult dating sites or adult chat rooms... between 1 - 25 August there were a number of chat sites and adult contact sites, and also a significant proportion of the sites appeared to be sites portraying pornography, some them depicting young women and teenage girls, but not underage girls."

You may recall us previously posting a copy of the CPS admissions on this particular issue:;topic=9578.0;attach=15147;image

Are they relevant to the time period involving Samiís disappearance and subsequent murder or are they being used by Mark to paint Sami in a poor light in order to give him an air of plausible deniability?
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Re: Website launched for Mark
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Well that's not what they told the jury at Mark's trial. Summing-up, the Judge said:

"In fact, of course, the prosecutionís case is that Samuel Alexander was killed on 5 September" really?

"5 September. Of course, that is the crucial date. The prosecution say that is the date when Samuel Alexander was killed by this defendant, the day before he was going to move into the flat"

"You will undoubtedly want to ask yourselves, when did Samuel Alexander die? As I have said, the prosecution say it was on or very close to 5 September".

I take it you understand the fact that a prosecution case is a theory?
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Re: Website launched for Mark
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Are they relevant to the time period involving Samiís disappearance and subsequent murder ?

Hi Nicholas, they stretch over a period of about 10 years prior to Sami's death, and demonstrate the patterns of behaviour we have been discussing in relation to the kind of things Sami was involved in. This is relevant to our exploration of alternative suspects. You're right to a certain degree, but even if a particular event is not directly related to his death, we feel it is evidence of the kind of activity that may have led to it in the end. In other words, something similar happened which went awfully wrong.

I take it you understand the fact that a prosecution case is a theory?

Sure, we're with you there, this is exactly our argument! We have always said that the prosecution case was wrong about the date of death being 5 September. If Sami didn't die on this date then Mark was convicted on the wrong basis. The jury were given the wrong information to deliberate on and the conviction must be quashed.
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