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The Sally Ramage Papers:
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:33:30 PM »
Since many arguments I have used have been based around the document that Sally Ramage produced, I feel it important to explore this document... There are updated versions and ones a little older.. mrswah started this discussion originally it was from her post that I heard of Sally Ramage and a subsequent post that a link was provided.

A lawyer called Sally Ramage, who was in court during the trial, has written an interesting account of it. Don't remember the link, but if you google Sally Ramage/Vincent Tabak, you will find it.

Any comments?????


Thanks for the links folks!  I am familiar with them, good to see some other people are.

Yes, of course I might be "onto a loser" and don't mind if I am:   the consequences of people like me being "onto a winner" in this case  would mean that Joanna's killer  is still free to kill again, and that an innocent man is serving a life sentence.

Here is the link to Sally Ramage's account of the trial.  She does NOT say Tabak is innocent, but what she does say is very interesting all the same.  She is a lawyer, who was present at the trial.

So a laywer who was present... she could well have been in the public gallery... she could have been taking notes in a professional capacity... But we have the source I believe of the content of the trial... or should I say some of the trial... Or is what is contained in Sally Ramages document the entire trial?

I look at that document time and again and re-read it's contents and try to put into context what has been said..  As often when I read I maybe have misunderstood certain aspects and would like to explore this more.